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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.
María Elipe

Have you think about your work environment as the best one? If after your day work you feel tired, if you consider that you’re not as efficient as you can or you’re not concentrate… perhaps you must think that your work environment is not in the best conditions.

 Down below we tell you some keys to analyze if your office has the necessary features to work in an efficient, productive and, overall, happy way.

How is the ideal office?

Good Illumination

Several studies have shown that to have an adequate illumination stimulates the serotonin production, a chemical substance that is produced by the brain and that increases the concentration, motivation, motor coordination and the levels for controlling impulses.

Natural lightning is good for your health, not only from the point of view of the productivity, but also for the emotions, because it improves the mood and activates the defenses.

To establish what an ideal office would be like we fullfill with the main and first feature, due our workspaces have large windows that enhance the energy and positivity at work, in fact we bet for a new model of energy efficiency supported by led  ilumination. In this sense, our workspaces at Castellana-Azca have LEED energy certification , commiting and providing  quality and respecting the enviroment, and always looking for ways to make a difference wherever we can within the enviroment.

“To work in areas with natural lightning increases the concentration, the motivation and moreover, it improves the mood and activates the defenses.”

Workspaces which adapts to your needs in every moment

Think about the type of projects you do and what you need to perform them. Does your job place requires continously meetings with the team? Do you normally work hand by hand with the laptop?


Go one step further and choose a workspace that shape your needs providing you a wide range of alternatives of workingspaces depending on your goals and needs.

In Lexington we adapt to you, providing you flexible meeting rooms, offices and different open areas to contribute to the improvement of your workday.

Resting areas

To work without resting is not healthy. To do short active breaks (of about 5 minutes) every two hours approximately will help you to recover the energy and will benefit the fulfillment of your functions and interpersonal relationships. That’s why it is indispensable that the ideal office has resting areas for having a coffee with your colleagues or simply for having a break.


Have a look around. Which colors do you see? The neutral or greyish ones cause a feeling of apathy and do not stimulate your imagination. If you want to work with energy you need bright colors, as the orange one, which improves the communication with people, or the yellow one that encourages the creativity.

Green areas

The plants or green areas will also give a touch of color and will improve the happiness of the workers, because they contribute to oxygenate and release toxins of the working environment.

In our workspaces at La Moraleja we have lovely gardens plenty of sunbed to ensure that you reset your brain and wellbeing  Look no further and get rid off your daily stress in our offices.

“To do short active breaks every two hours approximately, will help you to recover the energy and improve the fulfillment of your functions and the interpersonal relationships”

Accessible locations

Locate your company in the very top areas of Madrid is a must that will allow you to meet with one of the most important features of the ideal office. And so having your work place well located is very important to improve your company´s image specially in Madrid and Barcelona where is a must in order to deliver outstanding services.

“Success is not the key for happiness.  Happiness is the key for success”

Albert Luzschweitzer


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