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Non-conformism is a value that we inherently associate with any person with an entrepreneurial spirit. Improving, surpassing oneself and looking for the best version of things is vital if we want our business model to succeed in the market, and nowadays, with a global market and so much competition, business innovation is the direct path to success.


How can innovation help a business?

Business innovation is one of the best tactics to differentiate from or even surpass the competition. 🚀 Trying new innovation strategies in different areas of the company will make it possible to climb positions in the market, but innovation requires new ideas, resources and dedication to achieve the objectives.

Business innovation must be part of the day-to-day and the internal system of the organization must put in place the necessary mechanisms to make it possible to make way for these new forms of production. But how can you innovate in a company?

Take out a notebook, grab a pen and make sure it’s 2023 😉. We are going to give you the keys for your business to modernize and become the crème de la crème.


6 trends in business innovation in 2023

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environmental and social concerns continue to influence consumer decisions and corporate reputations. Innovation is focused on adopting more sustainable practices and integrating CSR into business strategy. Companies in a variety of industries are adopting green and ethical approaches to the production, packaging and distribution of products and services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Advanced Automation

AI is playing a key role in automating business processes, improving operational efficiency and personalizing the customer experience. Robotic process automation (RPA) and conversational AI are being used to streamline repetitive tasks and provide round-the-clock customer service. However, if the right decisions are made, this tool will complement and create new jobs, rather than replace them.

Data-driven Customer Experience

Data collection and analysis enables companies to better understand their customers’ needs and preferences. Personalization of products, services and communications is achieved through real-time data analysis. Companies are using algorithms and predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and improve the overall experience. A clear form of business innovation.

Subscription economy growth and platform-based business models

Subscription models continue to grow in popularity in a variety of industries, from software to entertainment to consumer goods. Companies are embracing digital platforms that allow them to offer services and products in a more flexible and personalized way. These platforms also encourage community participation and co-creation.

Cybersecurity and data protection

With increasing digitization, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Companies are innovating in data protection and cyberattack prevention. Adoption of technologies such as blockchain to ensure data integrity and advanced authentication solutions is on the rise.

Hybrid work and remote collaboration

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of hybrid work and remote collaboration. Companies are innovating tools and platforms that enable teams to work effectively from different locations.

At Lexington, we truly believe that the hybrid work model is the virtue that lies somewhere in the middle. Our portfolio of flexible solutions is full of formulas designed by and for the well-being of teams, who are at the heart of this mixed model: hybrid offices and customized spaces.

In short, the year 2023 is marked by business innovations that combine traditional business models and the new possibilities that today’s technology, wellness and sustainability offer us. Successful companies are already embracing these trends or even anticipating them with new ones. Now it’s your turn!


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