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The beginning of the year and September are the most favourable times of the year to start a new business or a hiring process. Therefore you might be shortly in the situation of adapting to a new work environment. If this is your case, congratulations! You have got something that is difficult to get for many people. Nevertheless you need to know that the first 30 days are crucial for your future in your new job. Based on a study by Jobandtalent, most of employees are more worried about the first day in a new job than the job interview itself.Taking into account how important is that first impression, we tell you a couple of tips to successfully pass the first days and build the foundation of a positive and productive relationship with your colleagues

Your new job

  • You should know your goals, responsibilities and decisions-making processes, as well as any factor which could have any influence in your performance evaluation
  • Be confident, keep a positive attitude and show willingness to learn

Connect with your colleagues

  • Get to the office on time; avoid being constantly the center of attention and try to follow your colleagues’ patterns regarding clothing and time for pauses. Take the initiative of introducing yourself and not only to your closest coworkers.
  • Above all be polite with your team mates and supervisor and behave with spontaneity and prudence. Gossiping and personal information you better avoid them.
  • First- weeks long pay attention to everything and elude feeling overwhelmed. Be patience and do not rush to perform your tasks as best as possible. Do not fear to ask your colleagues if any doubt.

Empathize with your boss

  • Find out which are his/her long and short-term expectations and start working on establish a good communication with your supervisors. They might prefer written reports or all the way around, your boss rather have frequent meetings to evaluate your performance
  • Show initiative and own judgment, but do not bombard your boss with too many questions and brilliant ideas. Look carefully for the appropriate moment when to ask or present an idea.

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great

Joe Sabah


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