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Let’s welcome Juan Carlos Solera to our #ExceptionalPeople section! 🥳 A space where we share the inspiring experiences and perspectives of professionals working in our flexible spaces.

This time, we had the pleasure of talking to Juan Solera Lama, Financial Controller of Temenos, a leading company in technological solutions for financial institutions worldwide.

Enjoy this interview where Juan shares his vision on Temenos‘ role in the industry, the keys to attracting and retaining talent, and his ideas about the office of the future.



First of all, what is Temenos and who makes up the company?

Temenos is a leading company in the banking software sector, dedicated to the sale and marketing of technological solutions for financial institutions worldwide. Globally, the Temenos group consists of multiple entities distributed across different countries. In the case of Madrid, our office is a subsidiary of this group, contributing to the success and expansion of Temenos in the Spanish market.


What are Temenos’ current keys to attracting and retaining talent?

One of the fundamental keys to attracting and retaining talent at Temenos is offering a forward-looking professional development plan. Employees have the opportunity to grow within a young and innovative company that holds a leadership position in the market. Additionally, Temenos fosters a collaborative and dynamic work environment that encourages creativity and professional growth among its employees.


How has the working model at Temenos evolved after the pandemic?

The pandemic has triggered a significant transformation in Temenos’ working model. The company has embraced a hybrid work approach, fostering great flexibility among employees. This involves a better balance between work and personal life, while maintaining high productivity and collaboration among teams.


What initially attracted Temenos to the flexible spaces at Lexington in Castellana 79?

What initially attracted us to the flexible spaces at Lexington in Castellana 79 was the need to find a Business Center that would perfectly adapt to the changing needs of our business.


How would you describe your/your team’s experience in our flexible offices?

Our experience in Lexington’s flexible offices has been really positive. The spaces are new and well-maintained, and the location is excellent, right in the financial heart of the city.


To what extent has the flexibility of Lexington’s spaces been beneficial for Temenos and your team?

The flexibility of Lexington’s spaces has been extremely beneficial for Temenos and our team. This flexibility has allowed us to quickly adapt to the changing needs of our business and the preferences of our employees. Additionally, it has provided us with the ability to offer a more personalized working environment.


What is your/your team’s favorite spot at Lexington Castellana 79?

Our favorite spot at Lexington Castellana 79 is a mix of different areas. It’s actually hard to choose a specific place because we love working from our office, but we also enjoy the common areas and meeting rooms.

And when it’s time to leave the office, Temenos recommends…

A favorite restaurant for a business meeting in Madrid: For lunches, Restaurant Rita. And for breakfast or Spanish omelette bites, Restaurant BMV.

An interesting activity for a Team Building day: “El hachazo” in Cuatro Caminos. A perfect and fun plan that brings the team together.


How do you imagine the office of the future? What will be essential?

I believe the office of the future will continue evolving towards a hybrid model, as it has proven to be effective. As for essentials, having a minimal space for in-person collaboration will remain crucial, as well as activities and events to encourage interaction and movement in the office. Initiatives on special dates and celebrating the return from holidays, Halloween, or Christmas break the routine and help create a better atmosphere among all companies.


How does Temenos “make it exceptional”?

Temenos achieves “making it exceptional” through its distinctive values, which are fundamental for the company. These values are:

  • We challenge: We face challenges and constantly seek excellence in everything we do.
  • We collaborate: We foster collaboration and teamwork to achieve exceptional results.
  • We care: We care about our customers, employees, and the communities in which we operate.
  • We commit: We are committed to our goals and deliver exceptional solutions to our customers.


“The office of the future must be hybrid, flexible, and promote interaction.”

Juan Solera, Financial Controller at Temenos.


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