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The kind of social events which are performed between work colleagues, in external sites of the company and with relaxes environment are really common in places like New York or London.  However, the matter that if are these kinds of events really positives or not, is still in the air. The answer is a resounding yes, because they bring many benefits, not just to the employers but to the company.

  • It helps to know each other and make a team: social events in the company helps to the colleagues which do not have much contact, to know more of each other and find things in common in the same or different department or even in others hierarchical levels. It helps to build mutual trust and links between them in benefit of the team work that helps to achieve more efficient result
  • There is a source of inspiration: an advantage of this kind of events is a mix of “the top” to those “below” and places them in the same level. That may help to emerged or heard new and innovative ideas that could not have been considerate before.
  • Enhance Networking: the kind of open acts where not only take part the staff of the company but also external people of the Company such as business centre floor’s neighbours, boost the employees’ relationships with other companies which probably in the future will have emerged synergies that would provide benefits for the business.
  • Act as a speaker: the fact that in these social events can also take part external people of the company they can act as speaker effect, helping out for a client acquisition or even to the creation of people who recommend your company.
  • It allows identifying the strengths of each employee: these acts make the people more relaxed and show how they are more clearly and how they behave in different situations. That can help to identify the strengths of each employee and then be used strategically at work in order to obtain the most efficient results.

 Which kind of events could be done?

1. Afterworks: this term refers to have some beers, cold drinks and or some tapas after a working day and it is becoming fashionable act especially in big cities like Madrid or Barcelona. It also allows the people whom are not from the working place to get connected and meet interesting places.

2. Lunch or diners: It is a perfect occasion to get employers together and share opinions.

3. Team buildings: to arrange this kind of events help to detect the strength of every team’s member and increase the personal motivation.

4. Tournaments or small leagues: To practise sports with the working colleagues is really positive for the company because of the practise of the team work and the strategy.

5. The Olympics: It can be built Olympics where not only play the employees of a company but also to take the advantage to interact with other companies’ employees. In that companies it could be done different activities such as football matches, gymkhanas, strategic games, etc. by which each company could gain points to become victorious.

 As you have proved, social acts in the company not only help in the employees’ relationship, or help them to know each other, but also to find new ideas, improvements, synergies or to advertise your business. So if a change is needed in you company, that might be the best option to take into account.

“Technology re-invent the business but human relationships will be still the key of the success” Stephen Covey


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