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Summer heat arrives, bringing with it the eternal office debate: open window or air conditioning? You, our reader, which side are you on?

If we truly knew how to properly regulate the temperature in the office, this dilemma wouldn’t exist, and moreover, we would significantly reduce energy consumption. Let’s talk about it and see if you change teams!

What is the ideal temperature for working?

A question with a thousand answers! Finding the ideal temperature for everyone in the office can be a challenge, we know. The truth is, this depends on many factors, such as the type of work we do, age, gender, health status, and even mood.

What do the experts say?

The World Health Organization recommends that the ideal temperature for working in indoor spaces should range between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius. However, this is just a general recommendation, as the ideal temperature for each person can vary and we have to consider the time of year.

How to find your ideal temperature

The best way to find your ideal working temperature is to experiment. And if you don’t want to catch a cold, you can also use a temperature and humidity monitor to keep track of the conditions in your workspace.

Why is it important to maintain an adequate temperature?

Maintaining an adequate temperature in the workplace is important for several reasons:

Impact on productivity

Temperature has a significant impact on worker productivity. A study conducted by Cornell University found that workers in an office with a temperature of 23°C are 15% more productive than those in an office with a temperature of 20°C.

Employee well-being and health

An adequate temperature can improve employee well-being and health. An environment that is too hot or too cold can cause fatigue, irritability, headaches, and other health issues.

Compliance with labor regulations

In Spain, there are labor regulations that set maximum and minimum temperature limits for workplaces. Compliance with these regulations is mandatory for all companies.


Regulations on Office Temperature in Spain

Let’s move on to the theory. In Spain, office temperature regulations are governed by Royal Decree 486/1997, concerning minimum health and safety requirements in workplaces.

This Royal Decree stipulates that the temperature of workplaces must be suitable and compatible with the activities carried out in them. Annex III of the Royal Decree specifies the environmental conditions for different types of work. Specifically, Annex III recommends that the temperature for sedentary work in offices should be between 17 and 27 degrees Celsius, with a relative humidity of between 45% and 60%.


Tips to reduce energy consumption in the office

In addition to maintaining an adequate temperature in the workplace, it is also important to take measures to reduce energy consumption. Some measures that can be taken are:

  • Turn off lights and electronic equipment when not in use.
  • Use energy-efficient light bulbs.
  • Thermally insulate the building.
  • Install a temperature control system.

Lexington and its commitment to sustainability


Sustainability has become a crucial topic in today’s business environment, and our sector has the opportunity to lead this transformation.

At Lexington, our vision is clear: we not only strive to offer flexible and exceptional workspaces, but we also understand that sustainability is the foundation on which to build environments and experiences that meet current demands. Learn more about our We #MakeItEco initiative!

What measures Do We Take in Our Offices?

  • Pure Air in Your Workspace: Advanced filtration system, controlled humidity, smoke-free space, and chemical-free environment.
  • Purified Water for a Greener Planet: State-of-the-art filtration, reusable bottles, Legionella controls, and water recycling for irrigation.
  • Healthy Food in Our Spaces: Free fruit and vegetables each month, with social and environmental commitment. Even better, plastic-free!
  • Bright and Efficient Offices: Our spaces feature smart lighting design, natural light, and LED technology for your well-being.
  • Physical Health and Workplace Wellness: Move with us! Close to public transport, bike and scooter parking, resources, and activities for your health.
  • Thermal Comfort in Our Locations: Intelligent climate control, solar energy, individual controls, and efficient energy use.
  • Goodbye to Noise!: We control sound in every area with acoustic panels, carpets, or fabric tapestries so you can concentrate and work better.
  • Eco-Friendly Spaces: VOC-free materials, recycling, eco-friendly amenities, and environmental education for a positive impact through our blog.
  • We Care About Your Mental Health: Policies, programs, and spaces designed for your cognitive well-being: nature, natural light, green areas, and wellness activities.
  • Lexington Community: We promote access to essential health services, conduct regular surveys, and build an inclusive and cooperative community.

In conclusion, there is no single answer to the question of what the ideal working temperature is, but we do have the ability to create a comfortable, sustainable, and productive workspace.

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