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The year has just begun and it is the perfect moment to start launching the projects that have been defined in the previous months. Therefore, from Lexington, we propose a list of the main businesses booming in 2019. Surely one of them fits with your passion or simply helps you redefine the strategic plan of your company and focus on the interests of present’s consumers. The important thing is not to distance yourself from these trends that promise business success.

  “Business trends are opportunities to start new projects or design new strategies in existing companies”

Business trends 2019

The world is evolving at a dizzying pace and the business world of recent years is following the path also marked by this global progress. Covering the needs of a population that is increasingly connected, informed and committed to the environment is the challenge for companies that want to position themselves as the best.Therefore, companies with revolutionary and sustainable ideas, businesses through the Internet that allow the consumer to continue with their particular rhythm of life and services that add value to the user’s skills are positioned as booming businesses in 2019.

Business ideas

Among the infinite possibilities of the business world, we have selected a list of the ideas that best encompass these 2019 trends:

1 Ecological products

Increasingly, the interest that society is placing on the environment. The ecological goods obtained from respectful productions are beginning to fill the shopping basket of the most committed citizens and the demand for these products of food, clothing, hygiene, cleaning or cosmetics is increasing considerably.It is anticipated that this demand will continue to grow both in 2019 and in the next few years, so setting up a point of sale of organic products, whether physical or online, is one of the most booming businesses in 2019, with an almost insured

 2 Prefabricated houses

The prefabricated houses offer many advantages over traditional constructions in terms of design, adaptability, personalization and respect for the environment. In addition, they are positioning themselves as one of the first options to take into account when addressing the search for a new home.Modular constructions, as we said, are breaking into the Spanish real estate market and there are still not many manufacturers and distributors that market this type of booming houses, so it could be a good business option for this 2019.

3 Development of mobile applications

Mobile phones have conquered the world and knowing the ins and outs of application development is a triumph. And is that each product, each company and each service wants to be present in this format that sneaks into the pockets of people of any age. Setting up a mobile application development business, therefore, is a guaranteed success option and increasingly demanded.

4 Online educational courses

Online courses are present on the Internet almost from the beginning, but during the last decade their growth has been exorbitant. According to studies, this type of education has increased by 900% since 2010 and the trend says it will continue growing.Creating online courses is a success. In addition, the themes are endless and this makes the range of possibilities immense.

5 Coaching Services.

The world of consulting and coaching has experienced a boom in recent years and the trend says that it will continue to be successful in the medium term. In a world so saturated, achieving professional and personal development can make a big difference. Professionals in this field are increasingly in demand and are managing to sneak into the booming business list in 2019.

 “Where there is a successful business, someone once made a brave decision”

Peter F. Drucker


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