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Today’s digital world offers many opportunities and different ways of working and serving customers and users. One of the innovations that are here to stay are virtual offices. 

 If you are still not clear about what a virtual office is and what its advantages are, don’t worry, we will tell you.  


What is a virtual office and how do they work? 

A virtual office is a service that can be an alternative to renting a physical workspace.

Virtual offices provide the company with a registered and/or business address, as well as its own telephone number in the chosen location. They are especially useful for freelancers who work from home or for small companies and startups that need to optimize costs, especially at the beginning, and that find in virtual offices an ally in their growth. Although the truth is that, regardless of the size or sector of your business, any company could benefit from having a virtual office.


Advantages of opting for a virtual office for your business

Opting for a virtual office is the gateway to your potential customers. This brings your business a number of significant advantages. 

Reduced operating costs and expenses

Associated expenses such as rent or maintenance are drastically minimized. This frees up financial resources that can be redirected to areas of greater strategic importance, such as company growth or product and service development.

Flexibility and adaptability to your business needs

Business needs can change over time, and this approach allows you to adjust to those fluctuations in a more agile way. The more your business evolves, the more the ability to change the amount of staff or space required becomes a crucial asset in controlling efficiency and operability.

Improved company image

Make no mistake, appearances matter, especially in the business world. The ability to present oneself as a solid and committed entity can lead to greater trust and credibility in the marketplace. A virtual office allows the company to have a business address in premium areas, in addition to providing access to workspaces such as meeting rooms for clients and suppliers. And the most important thing: only when needed.

Easy and rapid expansion into other markets

This speeds up the entry into new territories and allows taking advantage of opportunities in different regions, thus facilitating the overall growth of the company.

Key aspects to take into account when choosing a virtual office

Not all virtual offices are the same and therefore there are some aspects to consider when making a decision. Here are some steps you should follow to choose the right virtual service for your needs:

First, what do you need?

First of all, focus on you, what is your professional objective and your target audience? Depending on your activity, you can choose different services. If you only need to domicile your company, there are basic plans for that. On the other hand, if you are also looking for a personalized attention to your clients and additional complements, you can contract a more advanced plan.

Second, compare and analyze

When comparing, you should not only evaluate the price, but also the location, quality and reputation of the virtual office service. Look for reviews and testimonials and, if possible, visit the facilities and the state of the spaces.

Third, be careful with the contract conditions and terms of use!

Pay close attention to the clauses and obligations involved in hiring a virtual office. Ask about the cancellation, renewal and modification policies of the service. Don’t have any doubts and check if there are penalties or if you can modify the contracted services at any time. Everything must be in writing!

Fourth, choose wisely

You already have all the cards on the table, now you just have to choose the virtual office that best suits your needs and offers the best value for money.


The Lexington virtual office

With the virtual office service in Madrid and Barcelona offered by Lexington, you can give a 180 degree turn to the image of your brand. How does it sound to have your company in the top locations of the financial district?

Success is the result of making the best possible decisions. And choosing Lexington’s virtual office service is.




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