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Conector Startup Acelerator, company specialized in push forward digital projects, has selected in the third edition of Startup Day to eight startups that have already begun to work and develop their ideas in our business center of Madrid Orense.In Lexington we are committed with promoting entrepreneurial initiatives, helping to drive projects from unique and flexible spaces and work environments, adapted to the needs and rhythms of every single company.

In Lexington we are committed with promoting entrepreneurial initiatives, adapting ourselves to the needs and rhythms of every company

Thus… ¡let´s know the startups!

BBlandia: eCommerce is specialized in sell of baby equipment.

BoardFy: SaaS-BigData, of prices and competitors on the Internet.

Cursos con Miga: online school for people who love cooking, makers and craftsmen.

Echopoint: app, that allows contact with professionals, through you own Friends, taking advantage of their skills and network until three degrees of separation.

GOI: global platform that connects individuals and professionals that travel from one place to another with people who need send staff within those locations.

Jobin: free app to find the best professionals to settle home repairs, with just three clicks.

Muser: collaborative community which aims to reinvent the music industry, customizing the discovery of new music for each user.

No más tickets (no more tickets): storage Cloud service to save tickets in digital format, so that companies may save and know better to their customers.

As noted by one of its promoters, Bernardo Martinez, “the choice of these startups has focused on finding good founders, with strong leadership skills and able to take on major challenges. With a good team behind or with people able to build it. Also in projects that have an international focus, that are scalable and investable. “These eight startups will have four months to accelerate its project within the program offered by Connector, which includes: a workspace in our Orense offices, weekly training lectures, permanent advice from partner companies of Connector, possibility of wide their network and, the most important, to be part of one of the best entrepreneurs ecosystems in the country.Among the mentors of the initiative include names like Marc Vidal, Carlos Blanco, Sebastian Chartier, Marcos Alves, Alfonso Alcantara … among many others. A large cast of leaders of the business landscape.The Orense Workspaces are located in an easily accessible area and allow the selected starups by Conector to enjoy of our facilities loaded of operability and practicality. This space also has several open and common areas, to foster a collaborative working system.“The experience is being very interesting. The flexibility of space is fundamental to the way you work today. The treatment of the team is great and the space covers all the needs we have in an efficient manner, avoiding any concerns from outside projects.”Say Bernardo Martinez.

The Orense Workspaces in Madrid are the ideal working space for those seeking an operational and practical space in their business

From Lexington we will give all our support to these projects so that they acquire the major boost and achieve the maximum guarantees to face their entry into the market.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Walt Disney


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