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What you are good at your job? Most of the people do not know how to answer correctly to that question. This is the first mistake and the one that leads directly to inefficiency. Knowing your strengths will allow you to shorten times, obtain the best results and will increase your motivation and your personal and labour satisfaction.

If you want to increase your daily tasks, take a note of these tips to identify and develop your labour strengths:

  1. First of all: make a list of all the activities that you do throughout the day. From the moment when you wake up until you go to bed. Writing a diary would be a trick. You will gradually be aware of everything that you do.
  2. Once you have the list, you have to analyse it point by point. What things cost you more? There is something that you do not like to do? Do you think any of your roles is specially rewarding? Do you postpone any daily task? Why? It is a fact that people have the bad habit of putting off the most difficult tasks, the ones that we like least. You can use a scoring system to write your preferences down.
  3. Consider that analysis and think about why you prefer ones to others. Maybe it is because of its typology, because they let you creative side be developed, etc. Our centers are usually linked to our standards and personality. When you find de link, you will be able to identify your strengths.
  4. To exploit them, begin the day doing the tasks you like most. This way, you will be motivated from early in the morning, save time and it will make you feel as if you had advanced, so you will not despair about the rest of ‘TO DOs’. We truly recommend you to try to finish everything you start, otherwise you will put it off many times and feel as if it was endless.
  5. Propose to encourage team work. Doing activities like brainstorming is very beneficial, both for the company and the employees, as it lets every member of the team contribute with his best talent. This way, better results will be achieved in less time and they will be more innovative and creative. Flexible offices in Lexington are the perfect space for this kind of actions.
  6. On Friday, save some minutes for evaluating the week. Verify if you have done more tasks, if you have spent less time to carry out them, if you have felt more comfortable and, of course, if you have met your goals exceeding the usual levels.

It is clear that it is impossible to be good at everything, but if you learn to identify and exploit your labour strengths you will see a improvement and feel more satisfied with your job.

“The secret for success is not strengthening our weaknesses, but in maximizing our strengths” David Fischman


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