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Anna Jorge

It looks like now that days are sunny and bright, we face the week differently. But do you remember those winter days that were all awfully alike? Every day was the same as the day before, and the day before that… that is a feeling many of us have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic and it got worse when we packed our things and moved our workstation to the living room of our house. Monotony has always affected productivity for employees, that is a fact. How can we escape from these carbon copy days after carbon copy days? Easy! Start by avoiding bad habits at work that have become part of our routines without us knowing. It’s something, at least. That is why we wanted to share with you 5 bad habits to avoid in the workplace (and how to do it, for sure).

What is a bad habit in the workplace?

By definition, a habit is something we do and embrace as part of our routine. We repeat it constantly and systematically, without giving it a thought. The problematic lies on how some of these activities may become bad habits since the moment they stop responding to our current necessities or priorities, always changing. Habits must reshape as well, but change is not something they go by.

Thus, bad habits become even more dangerous when they are related to the workplace. Keep in mind that our job’s job is to make the most out of our day, to keep us on guard for new business opportunities and also motivated… but if we fall into an endless routine that does not support this side of our work day, how are we supposed to continue growing?

Examples of bad habits to avoid in the workplace and how to do it

We are positive that, among these 5 bad habits examples in the workplace, you’ll find the key to your own success. Your working day should be a challenge, one that wakes you up every day wanting to do more than you are supposed to.

Workaholics out!

Having lunch in front of your computer, not taking breaks or being unable to switch off during your holidays are bad habits you should avoid in the workplace. We all are workaholics from time to time, we’ll give you that, but taking a break to rest your body and mind, leaving your laptop at the office at the end of the day and quit checking your inbox every now and then during summertime could push you away from burn-out 🔥

How can we avoid it? Oh, it is a challenge, sure thing! If we somehow feel guilty of taking breaks during the day, even though we know we should rest, escaping from this particular bad habit is not going to be easy… but it’s not impossible either! Our mental health comes back home with us every day and goes to the office the next, so it’s our responsibility to keep an eye on it. We all should learn how to take a few minutes for ourselves in the morning, maybe go to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee, so we can boost our productivity and motivation from within.

British etiquette

Maybe being 5 minutes late (or half hour, who knows?) is part of who you are, but your #RebelDNA, the creative and non-conformist one, must show impeccable manners at the workplace, and punctuality is its most important feature. Starting your working day on time, relaxed and with the whole day ahead of you to achieve all your goals is vital for you to be productive.

How can we avoid this bad habit at work? Set your alarm 20 minutes before you normally do so, if anything comes up, you’ll have some time to spare. Another great trick is moving your clock time forward 10 minutes, a tale as old as time and amazingly effective!

Stop delaying tasks for tomorrow, maybe for next week?

Procrastinating is your worst enemy at work! Maybe today you don’t feel inspired enough for that creative project, or you have a headache so engaging with that endless Excel that will take you hours to complete is not the best idea either. Putting off a task is not wrong if you feel like you will be able to give your 110% some other time. It is very important though to avoid postponing to-do’s or meetings just because you feel lazy.

How to avoid procrastination? Piece of cake! Build a personal timeline with your own deadlines, always recognizing your own situation. Be flexible, but also thorough.

Your notifications will still be there in ten minutes, promise

Living in the 21st century means living with social media, that’s a given. It’s perfectly normal that nowadays, a big part of our day is spent navigating Instagram, Facebook or TikTok. Nonetheless, we would recommend you staying as far as possible from this micro video distractions during working hours. You can always take a 15 minute-break to switch off and watch some stories, but one thing at a time! Working on controlling that one eye that leaves your screen every time a notification pops up is your goal this 2022.

How can we resist the temptation? Surely, your cell phone already has a “do not disturb” or “work” mode that will help you out with this addiction. Even though your phone is on and you are still available, Apple has incorporated a notification summary that will pop up every now and then, but not immediately. Some extra help is always appreciated, right? We’ll get there, promise.

Staaaaaaaaaaaaaay flexible

Haven’t you heard? Severity is so last year! A closed and strict schedule, a conventional old-fashioned office space or being too inflexible with yourself are behaviours we must leave in the past in order to improve our productivity, motivation and the team’s balance between their personal and professional lives. If you think your company is stuck in the past… maybe is time for a change!

What’s the solution? Move to flex! Not only for your workspaces, but also in every other aspect of your life. Flexible workspaces like Lexington’s in Madrid and office rental in Barcelona for hybrid working will help your team finding the perfect balance between their personal life and their job by giving them the option of choosing the formula of home office and physical office that best suits them. All that added up to the strategic location, the costs optimization related to internet, reception team and community expenses and the boost these kinds of workspaces will give to your project.

Need more info? Do not hesitate to contact us!

And, please, do not forget to stop being so hard on yourselves also outside the office! Take a break and plan something with your favourite person!

There is sooo much more you can change on your routine to improve your day. Check this article on Forbes about 11 common work habits that might be sabotaging your productivity and focus.

Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day”


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