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We want to help you and offer you the solution that best suits your needs. Talk to us.

On many occasions we are so involved in the work routine that we are not aware of how we perform each task or how we behave in our work environment. So, here are some bad habits at work that you must correct or avoid to improve your performance and be more productive (if you feel identified with them):

Learn how to delegate: select the workers in your company which you believe they are able to assume certain responsibilities”

1. Not to know how to delegate

Delegating is essential to better manage time and focus your efforts on those tasks that you only can do. So learn to delegate. How? Select the worker in your company who you consider are more capable to assume certain responsibilities and to gradually acquire the necessary knowledge to take charge of certain occupations and decisions.

2. Work without breaks

Your mind and your body needs to rest. So, bet on small breaks wich help you to recharge batteries. What can you do? Take advantage of the common areas of your office to exchange opinions with your colleagues, doing networking or even boost teamwork. So, we propose you that in any of your mini breaks, you go out of the office to stretch the legs, breathe new air and get the energy that you need to continue your workday.

To adopt a positive attitude helps to be more productive and achieve the goals more easily

3. Being pessimist

Having a  negative attitude at work (and in life in general), is not an option. This can affect your performance and the achievements goals of your company. So say goodbye to pessimist and welcome with a big smile to the optimism. With this new attitude you´ll see the work environment in a healthier and nice way free from unnecessary stresses.

4. Lack of attention

Getting distracted easily is a bad habit that must be avoided. Not paying enough attention to our employees, tasks or during business meetings can affect both our work routine and profesional success. So, be aware and pay full attention while you are at the office and… leave distractions at home!

5. Speaking before thinking

If you speak without thinking first, you should know this is a big mistake.  You must be aware of what you say, which should be meditated regardless of the sector you work in. So, think before you speak but try not to lose your freshness. ;).

“Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day-out.”


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