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Every day, more and more companies weight up the possibility of implementing a hybrid model that allows them to better combine teleworking and on-site working.

It has been a long time now since Lexington started recognising new flexible solutions for businesses in need of a more efficient way of management of their spaces. That’s why today we wanted to talk to you about different reasons why to finally choose this hybrid way of work.

It improves team cooperation

We are positive that teleworking is now an interesting option for both companies and their employees. Nonetheless, there is a couple of big flaws to consider: dispersion of teams, lack of cooperation and a drop on productivity.

The hybrid model us based on mixing the best of both worlds, providing this way the best results for the company.

A flexible option

During these times we are living due to the COVID-19 pandemic, being flexible has become mandatory. We are aware of that here in Lexington, and that is why we offer personalised solutions to our customers.

The hybrid model of working is the least rigid structure among what’s available: choosing how and when employees should meet in person or when working remotely from home should be the first option is totally up to the company.

No need to choose

For most companies, choosing between on-site working and teleworking is hard enough, no need to mention when they need to pick out a favourite or make a final decision. Thanks to this new formula, there is no need to choose because you can benefit from both of them at the same time.

The best choice for flexible workspaces

Since you will not need your whole space all the time, the one you required before to locate your team, this hybrid model brings you the possibility of using flexible workspaces, like the ones here at Lexington.

Flex offices such as ours assure social distancing among your employees, full-equipped meeting rooms and relaxing areas for you to break away. Besides, you will all have access to spaces to hold videoconferences with other team members, with no background noises as we would have at home nor interfering with everyone else’s ongoing tasks.

How can we implement the hybrid formula?

If you are wondering how to implement this new way of working in your company, we have the answer. In Lexington, we’ll help you out! We will draw a proposal, especially thought for you and what you are looking for, all through our blended office formula.

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Private offices

Located exactly where you want them to be, with the image you want to convey and with all the additional services you need.

This solution is growing more and more popular among companies of all sizes. Its success is mainly due to the possibility it offers to live in what we call this new normality: a new way to understand work that has now become a trend and that will  probably stay with us for many years to come.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

Leon C. Megginson.


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