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Never before had we witnessed such transformation in how we work or how corporate workspaces are disposed. Ten years ago, companies had as their space of choice what we know as the traditional office, and the transition to coworking was just a little spark; nowadays, we are living that evolution as, for instance, a hybrid model of working has been born and is increasingly growing strong for companies these days.

Today we’ll be discussing how the pandemic has turned around how we understand our job and where the coworking evolution is leading.

The pandemic has changed how we work

COVID-19 has brought up many changes regarding how we currently understand working. Although teleworking was a luxury for only a few a year ago, the pandemic has taken care of making the number of remote workers grow quickly and exponentially.

Before coronavirus, coworking and flexible spaces were already seen as one of the best solutions to locate our business, where professionals and entrepreneurs could get feedback on their projects and share new ideas and points of view.

However, now that we must socially distance ourselves, many do not feel like sharing their workspace with some other company.

Does that mean that coworking is over and that we should get back to our traditional conception of an office? Not at all!

From coworking to hybrid spaces

Sharing your workspace is not over. If something, they are evolving towards an equation 100% compatible with the time we are living. But, how are they doing so?

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Hybrid spaces are the trend now; including every benefit from flexible spaces as coworking and the teleworking strong points as well.

As we know, teleworking has now become our everyday. But, is every company able to completely implement this formula? Reality says otherwise.

This hybrid formula aims to inspire towards something as important as the business spirit and feeling like truly belonging.

Even though teleworking makes conciliation easier to our employees, reduces jams every morning and it’s the best way to avoid big crowds, many teleworkers need to hold meeting from time to time with their team, sometimes for work issues, and some other times just to feel like they belong in the company, within the team. Not even mentioning the fact that coming up with new ideas for the business, something vital to the company’s productivity, comes hand in hand with friendly and close environments.

Here is where it all starts, the hybrid work model. Thanks to this conception, companies would be able to combine both teleworking and on-site working at the office, no further invest needed and in the most flexible way possible. This hybrid work model is especially focused on slowly coming back to the physical office, always in the safest way and turning to teleworking so as to meet every safety and social distance requirement.

In Lexington, we are ready

Our flex spaces are thought and our services arranged so our members can develop this hybrid model if they want to, comfortably and as safe as possible.

In what way have we adapted our spaces and services for the hybrid model?

  • Thoroughly implementing safety and hygiene protocols
  • Providing flexibility on the duration of your contract, because it’s no time of long-term commitments.
  • Creating new formulas within our spaces, as flexible as it can get: blended offices where to combine teleworking and on-site working, workhubs for team relocation or our Corporate Day Pass that will give you access to a private area by the day.
  • Besides, we design a personalised proposal for each customer, including the extra services they and their business truly need, as well as many other options on early cancellation or freezing your contract to give you the confidence you need during this time.

In Lexington, we have reinvented our proposal so it meets our customers’ requirements. That is why, if you are looking for a flexible space or a coworking in Madrid or Barcelona, don’t hesitate to write us back!

 “Adaptability is a most desirable habit or quality for success in life.”

Sivananda Saraswati


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