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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Given the current circumstances, with this whole pandemic that has shaken the world, changing in its path how we manage our relationships and our jobs, the way we understand workspaces needed to turn into something new as well.

Flexible spaces with new features and tailor-made solutions for each customer

In Lexington, we know how important safety and health have come to be for our members, and that is why we are constantly growing and evolving. We are reinventing ourselves so as to meet a reality that has changed. This way, we will always be able to provide our best to our customers, the best tailor-made solutions, thought after their real necessities: we’re still offering flex spaces, of course, but with a twist of new customisable features for each of them.

Implemented contingency plans

From the moment COVID-19 broke into everyone’s lives, Lexington has payed close attention to new necessities arising regarding safety and prevention. Since the very beginning, numerous measures have been implemented among our spaces.

Find all these safety actions in our #SafeReturnToLexington Plan, the one we have thoroughly planned and followed so every customer can enjoy their experience in our flexible offices with the greatest confidence.

Here you have some of the guidelines we have gathered:

  • A new figure within the company has been created: the COVID-19 coordinator, in charge of every suggestions on improvement and there for you to solve your doubts on prevention.
  • All access points have been adapted, with thermographic cameras to take your temperature and every fingerprint reader disabled.
  • Maximum capacity of closed areas has been reduced and we have put up informative safety sings so social distancing is ensured.
  • Hygiene and disinfection through specific procedures during cleaning routines. Besides, hygienic and protection material is available.

These are only a few of the actions we have carried out within our spaces, answering to our customer’s requests. Safety is a must for us, so we wanted to cover every glimmer of uncertainty that may arise in our spaces.

Distribution strategies companies are going for

Companies all over the country are looking for a way to rearrange their office spaces ensuring social distancing so as teams can rotate properly.

Here you will find some of the main formulas to go for, always following the recommendations and boosting your business’ productivity:

➤ Hybrid working model in flexible offices

Many companies are now implementing a hybrid working model for their daily life, mixing up benefits form both teleworking and on-site working. Square metres you’ll need to rent will see themselves reduced, and so will the investment.

Our blended office model is the best option for this new configuration since it will make it so easy to deal with team rotation and space management within this new way of working.

➤ Virtual Offices

Hiring our virtual office services at Lexington has proved to be of great help for many companies who have decided to work this way, remotely.

By not renting a big classic office space, you’ll be saving tons of money, without losing the basics like courier and phone call handling or a meeting space whenever needed. Check the different types of Virtual Office we offer and hire yours right away through our web page!

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➤ Booking a meeting room

Some companies may be able to cope up with their daily activities through teleworking, as long as from time to time, they can book a meeting space to hold their meetings. Lexington has become the best ally for professionals because of our meeting rooms that you can book by the hour, fully equipped technologically.

➤ Flexible use of spaces

And last but not least, what has been the real revolution is renting your office space by days, even by the hour! This formula has been thought for the customer to have access to the space when they truly need to, adjusting completely to their time, place and services requests.

This new concept of using the space will also help you saving money and it will give you the flexibility you were dreaming of on every department. Thanks to these flex spaces, many companies will not see themselves in jeopardy if there were a new isolation period going on.

In Lexington, you’ll find what we call our Corporate Day Pass, with which you can rent a private space for a day in whatever centre you prefer in both Madrid and Barcelona.

Adapting to flexible workspaces for sustainability

As it has been our mantra for many occasions now, because this is the statement that best sums up our sector’s journey, flex spaces have come from a solution for the future to be the best option for the present. Flex spaces and all their features make them the best and most intelligent alternative to a traditional office space.

It is possible now to escape from the tight reins of a traditional office thanks to flex spaces, avoiding at the same time the productivity defects of remote working.

And, without any shred of doubt, our flexible offices are your best option if you are thinking about implementing this hybrid model within your company. Avoid uncertainty by choosing one of our flex solutions and make your business a lot more sustainable.

At the end of the day, the more flexible your office is, the less committed you’ll be and the bigger your response capability!

In Lexington, we have adapted

We have reinvented our ways after the new normality sat for good. And not only that, but we have also transformed our business proposal with the main goal of providing you the greatest facilities and the most confidence:

  • Complete flexibility on the duration of your contract
  • Special rates during the first months
  • Early cancellation of your contract
  • Extra services package at no cost and tailor-made for each customer

If you are looking for a truly adapted office space, don’t hesitate! In Lexington, we have all you need to keep on working safely.

“All ideas should meet new realities”

Salman Rushdie


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