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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

The suddenly appearance of the COVID-19 has turned all our routines upside down. What we thought as common and normal last year, today is an utter and complete nightmare.

Not only has it changed the way we interact with each other, but also the way we work and run our business. Flexible offices are no longer a possible option in the long run, but the best ally for the present time!

Flex offices are our best ally nowadays

In Lexington, we know how upsetting this “new normality” may be for many companies, most of them forced to transform internally, living in a constant uncertainty. That is why we’ll be discussing today flex offices and why they are the best alternative to a conventional office in these circumstances we are living.

Differences between flex spaces and traditional offices

By definition, a traditional office is a private space that you rent for a long period of time, usually through a contract of 5 years minimum.

Flex spaces are, as its name states, flexible. A company renting such spaces will do so for the period of time they truly need: monthly, weekly or even daily! Besides, flexible offices are usually located at strategic areas in the main cities, and with a services portfolio that goes further than the space itself. Clients are fully covered and supported, no question.

10 benefits of flex spaces against traditional offices

Next you can find a list of 10 benefits flexible offices offer against common renting of spaces.

1. Flexible renting: weekly, monthly or daily

As we told you before, renting a conventional office space for a day or a week is unbelievable, right? However, you needing some place to work during a few months or a meeting room for a few hours is a real and usual necessity, and this is where flexible offices unfold their potential.

2. Ready-to-go spaces

We could call flexible offices “turn-key spaces”. So, if your company does not require any special distribution or personalisation (something that is also achievable for flexible environments as these), the setting-up of your space will only take 24h.

3. All-inclusive

Companies working in a flexible office will have all their expenses included in only one invoice. Not only rent, but also every other additional expense like supplies, WiFi, furniture, the daily cleaning of the spaces and so on. Besides, it is important to remember that we will also get rid of establishment costs.

Furthermore, in Lexington, we would also like to add something else to the package, like unlimited access to common areas, a business address, call handling, meeting room hours vouchers and our online community and what it has to offer. All of it at no extra cost on your monthly invoice.

4. Adaption to growth

If a company has rented a conventional office, it is what it is, and it won’t be possible to change the dimensions of the space. So, if the company grows, the need of a search for a bigger space again is inevitable.

Flexible offices are completely adaptable to your company’s sudden needs on space. Whether the quantity of square metres you need increases or decreases, a flexible office is able to turn into a tailor-made solution for any request.

5. Areas for you to relax

Not every conventional office, as big as it may be, can afford holding a special area meant to be the place of relaxation and recreation for the team. Flexible offices on the other hand do have common spaces to work more casually or to take a little break; our workspaces have these kinds of social areas where you can disconnect from the daily noise at the office, brainstorming rooms or the Fun Room at our La Moraleja centre, with videogames and stuff!

6. Prime locations

Another noteworthy benefit from flexible offices that conventional offices cannot provide is their prime location at strategic points of the city, making communications easier for the whole team, and thus generating a better conciliation between the team’s personal and professional lives.

7. As safe as it can be

People working in one of the companies staying in one of our flex offices at Lexington know for sure that they are in a safe and healthy space. That is because every corner within our spaces follows a rigorous prevention, safety and hygiene protocol since the very beginning of this pandemic: our #SafeReturnToLexington plan, the one that has led the way for us towards the three quality identifications “Guarantee Madrid”.

8. A hybrid working model is now possible

Conventional offices make it very hard if you are thinking of introducing a hybrid way of working in your company, just because they do not have this flexibility when it comes to time and space.

As for Lexington, other solutions are possible, like what we call our blended office. Models such as these provide better conditions for team rotation through a private space you would rent, with rotating passes for everyone. This way, a balance between teleworking and on-site working is viable, and way smoother!

9. Virtual offices

Some companies or freelancers and whatnot do not really need a physical office space all the time, but they do need a business address and some place where they can receive their correspondence and telephone calls.

Our flexible spaces also offer different types of Virtual Offices, depending on each company’s needs. These modalities include an option for a meeting room voucher or access to our common areas too.

10. Extra complements

Working on a flexible office will bring us also the rest of the extra services offered. For instance, if we need more time on a meeting room because we have already spent our monthly voucher, we can exceptionally ask for it! There is no need to look for an external meeting space or to rent it for good, as long as your contract is active. On the other hand, if we need something done as our personal secretary would, the front office team of our flexible workspace will become simply as part of our team!

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Lexington flexible spaces

The kind of flexible space we offer at Lexington meets every requirement your company might have nowadays. Adaptation and flexibility are concepts that are part of our DNA. For this reason, we have imagined our spaces from scratch, reinventing them all over, fitting perfectly current demands.

The COVID-19 crisis has changed our lives, but we shall not worry: there is an answer out there on how to adapt to the new normality. A project aiming to provide a wider range of options, more security and a better cost optimisation.

“Flexible offices are not the future, but our present.”



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