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It is a widely known fact that coronavirus has sped up the birth of new ways of working. Now, how to manage these new methods within the current protocols and actions and, above all, how to make them the proper answer to both companies and working teams, is the key concept to turn them into contrasted options over time.

We are now looking at a hybrid way of working, combining both teleworking and on-site working

Coming back to the office within this #NewNormaliy and how fast a new law on teleworking hours and its adjustment to keep pace with our usual working hours has come, is making us face a wide spread preference on a hybrid type formula of work, a system balancing on-site working at the office or other spaces, with teleworking from home.

But, how to do it?

It is important to know about our employees needs and requests, the resources available, our business goals… so a contingency plan that englobes all of that is essential, so you can develop the implementation process that suits your business.

From that moment on, it is key to put the model into place gradually, to check the results of said implementation from time to time and to dive into every employee’s point of view in order to change and improve the formula and get a customised hybrid system, adaptable and efficient. Our common goal is that everybody working at the company feels both as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Information is another must: all members should have all the information on how to carry out this new formula, as well as the description and development of the action protocols implemented to smooth their working activity both at home and at the office. It would be only then when this mixed method would be truly successful.

Benefits of this hybrid formula

 In order to look a bit further into what this means, let’s develop a bit their benefits for both employers and employees:

  • Most workers find this mixed formula much better to conciliate their personal life with their jobs.
  • Creativity and productivity remain active as if it always was when meeting people face to face. Teleworking tends to make it harder.
  • Both workers and the company itself can optimize resources.
  • The worker will be allowed greater autonomy and they will see reduced those long hours they spent at the workplace out of their usual working hours.
  • Trust between workers and employers will definitely be encouraged: being able to meet the objectives while at the office and at home will build a professional relationship based on common faith in each other.

These are only some benefits this hybrid model offers. Actually, the more it expands, the more benefits we will discover, making it become the most famous formula for every company!

Our flexible solutions, the option that best suits you

In Lexington, we have been working on developing customised solutions for different ways of working, depending on each company, since the moment we were born. It is what we were meant to do, our core business. Such ability makes us able to face challenging and changing situations, full of uncertainty, like the one we lived back on March with the sudden entrance of this pandemic.

That is why, for a few months now, we have been offering a wide range of new flexible solutions, 100% customisable for each company’s requirements. One of the top ones is the one we have designed to help companies implement this hybrid formula; one that, besides, is your best ally to keep up: Blended office.

The flexible solution blended office includes:

> Customised organization to allow team rotation, balancing between teleworking with on-site working

> Safe distance between workstations

> #SafeReturnToLexington safety protocol

> Meeting rooms available for booking as a complement to your office

> All include in only one invoice

> Flexible duration of contracts: pay weekly, monthly…

> Prime locations in Madrid and Barcelona

> If you want to know more about our services, do not hesitate to contact us! Let us advice you on what best suits your business!

 “The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a great deal to do with productivity.”

Tom Peters


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