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Summer is nearly over so it’s time to go back to school and back to our jobs! Along with all the measures previously taken and the established protocols we have implemented once we left quarantine behind to dive into the #NewNormality, in Lexington we still customising our spaces for you to feel the most comfortable and safe back from your holidays!

Changes have been humongous for the Real State sector, especially for offices and workspaces. We wanted to gather together every transformation brought up by the current situation, such as the birth of new ways of working (among other things). Transformations that have confirmed once and for all that adjustment capacity is the best tool for your company and flexibility of spaces, your best ally and the ultimate solution.

Do you want to know more? Let’s go! ⬇ ⬇

The birth of new ways of working

We are now attending the birth of new ways of working, something that came all of a sudden for us after the state of alarm a few months ago. At that time, almost every active company saw themselves forced to “go digital” and move towards new tools and online processes so as to continue working as usual. In short, to be able to survive this pandemic, this contact-less era with no physical social interaction whatsoever, avoiding even going out of our houses.

Suddenly, after this utterly unforeseen situation, teleworking has become the perfect solution and the most widespread way of working

Coronavirus has, for sure, sped up some tendencies at work, some trends that were here before but that are now implemented all over the world, such as teleworking, the perfect solution for those companies able to embrace it. This modality has been the answer to a global matter, but many enterprises are now considering how to implement this model also for the future.

Finding balance between teleworking and on-site working is key, being able to meet your client’s requirements is key

However, many companies on many sectors cannot implement a full routine based on teleworking. In these cases, coming back to the office has to be a process which we can balance teleworking and on-site working with. Here is where flexible spaces step in to efficiently help us: fully equipped spaces, safe for everybody working in them, able to adapt to every request in time, allowing staff rotation, team redistribution, providing meeting spaces when in need or to combine private areas and flexible workstations.

First of all, security

One way or another, coming back to the office now comes with the most rigorous of protocols and guidelines on safety and hygiene measures. That is why, the comeback will only take place among those spaces with a clear and contrasted prevention program, always considering each activity and its special requirements.

From Lexington, we have set up, for a few months now, our #SafeReturnToLexington plan. A plan whose main goal is to ensure safety to all of our users within our spaces.

Adaptation is key for success

We have to keep in mind that, in this new normality, changes are the order of the day. This pandemic came as a surprise for many of us and the reaction time was not even near enough. That is why adaptability has been key for companies to remain open and going. Such lesson is one of the big discoveries this crisis has brought us, and an essential aspect on coming back to the office. Flexibility and adaptation are a vital feature to deal with the uncertainty we have and we are living.

Within that adaptability and forecast ability, coming back to the office should include points to consider, such as:

  1. The revision of contract periods, avoiding longer durations and minimising risks.
  2. A revision of the surface in use, taking into account social distancing requirements and to make optimal use of the rented place.
  3. Looking for space solutions that would meet every requirement for both teleworking and on-site working in the safest way possible.

 New flexible solutions

Due to the previous mentioned necessity of adaptation, new solutions have emerged answering to this new situation. Considering these new ways of working all these new requirements from both companies and employees, taking as central pillar the concept of adaptability, here in Lexington we are working on developing new flexible solutions so as to offer a wide range of options we have called the #NewNormalLexington. Let us show you:

> Blended office (Flex space + teleworking)

This model was thought to those companies in need of a structure able to combine teleworking with on-site working through team redistribution.

> Workhub (Customisable private space for team redistribution)

For those companies searching for a relocation for part of their team.

> Day pass (Private workstations-pay per use)

Flexible formulas regarding both payment and use!

> Virtual Services (Business address + call and courier handling + spaces available)

If you are looking for basic services and spaces with no initial investment, this is the model for you!

> Meeting room + virtual services (Fully equipped rooms for online and onsite meetings)

For those companies in need of safe meeting spaces, fully equipped and ready to go!

Long story short, adaptability and flexibility are key for companies to meet every new requirement arising regarding workspaces. We know offices post coronavirus have a challenge ahead of them: it is time to implement new solutions that strengthen us at the end. We are ready!

“No one made it to the top without the help  from others”

Manuel Corazzari


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