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Recent researches from Spanish Statistics Institute point that teleworkers tend to increase their productivity between 5% and 25%. Besides, as they do no have to move to their offices, that time they save can be spend in developing more tasks, which means that they can dedicate another 11% additional time to work.In this sense, most of the companies that have implemented teleworking policies agree that at least one 10% of the time their teleworking employees have improved their performance.

On the other hand, figures reveal that Spanish employers do not rely on teleworking as much as they could: only 27% of Spanish companies have teleworkers on payroll. In fact, current data place Spain below European average on teleworking, which reaches 35%. This is because in Spain, many of the employers consider that work flexibility does not fir their organizational needs. The reasons may be or the specific kind of activity they develop, either the lack of prevision for teleworking in their structural policies.This scenario contrasts with the conclusions issued in the article “Agent of change: The future of technology disruption in business“ elaborated by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by RICOH.

This research points out that in the next few years there will be a tendency to promote virtual working spaces. These improvements will be possible thanks to the continuous development in mobile technology, which is becoming increasingly safer, and also to the expansion of online storage-systems, such as “the cloud”.Smartphones, tablets, laptops and similar devices the workers are familiarized with, make teleworking available from any geographical spot, so you can tasks and do almost anything without being in a place at an specific.

In Lexington we are aware of the importance of keeping updated to properly develop any kind of business, therefore many national and international companies rely on our business centres in Madrid everyday so they can use our spaces for meetings. Our offices and space-meetings will always provide you with comfortable, fully equipped work places, so you can work on your business and worry about nothing else.

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