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As is clear from the latest 2019 studies by the INE (National Statistics Institute), telework is a moderate upward trend that has gone from 4.3% to 4.8% of workers who practice telework more than the half the days and from 3.2% to 3.5% of those who only do it occasionally. In addition, the fact that workers do not need to travel to a conventional office makes it possible for them to use this time to carry out their tasks, which represents an additional 11% of time dedicated to work.

In this sense, most of the companies that to date had implemented flexible work policies coincide in pointing out that at least 10% of the time that their employees needed to travel to the workplace is now dedicated to carrying out their work.

Despite this, the figures reveal that Spanish employers did not fully trust teleworking, since only 8.3% of workers enjoyed teleworking before the confinement forced by the pandemic. Some data that undoubtedly place our country below the European average, where companies that bet on telework amount to 17% and 20% in the United States.

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This panorama contrasts with the conclusion of the report “Agent of change: The future of technological disruption in companies”, carried out by The Economist Intelligence Unit in collaboration with the digital equipment company RICOH. The result of the study points out that in the coming years it will tend to a virtual work environment, a theory that gains more strength due to the current situation, thanks to the constant development of increasingly secure mobile technology and online storage systems, like the cloud.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops or digital videoconferencing tools with which workers are becoming increasingly familiar make networking possible from different geographical points, without the need to be present in a specific place at the same time, and at any time. In addition to that, teleworking (currently from home) has become one of the best allies of companies and workers, thus achieving a higher ratio and increasing its practice in recent months.

Teleworking and flexible offices

The current circumstances we are facing because of the COVID-19 crisis have, no doubt, provoked a sudden change for both enterprises and professionals, who had to implement teleworking for the majority of their employees as an essential preventive measure and the only real way to survive. However, although teleworking from home has been the one and only option for most companies during this time, it is not always the best. For many professionals, working from home means more distractions, interruptions in their pace at work, a not-so-suitable space to perform their job properly, a weaker concentration and limitations on their electronic devices and tools that would only hold them up on their duties.

That is why this new normality we are all bringing to life, little by little, comes with a solution half way between teleworking from home and going to the office: flexible offices as the safest bet! Such kind is slowly becoming our companies’ best ally during this time, because they offer solutions and services that suit both customers’ needs and the current situation.

Here in Lexington, we are aware of every change, measure and new needs that may arise now because of this global pandemic and we know that we need to adapt our working models to this new normality. A new challenge: find the balance between face-to-face working and teleworking! Of course, all within our safety protocol and preventive measures! We are ready for your return!

Check the #SafeReturnToLexington protocol we have implemented in our spaces!

“La acción y la adaptabilidad crean oportunidades”

                                                                                   Garrison Wynn


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