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New technologies are opening a new world of work possibilities and it is revolutionizing the rigid policies of companies. But do you know what “flexiworking” is? It is a new concept about flexible time management or personal and professional flexibility. This concept works in particular for employees that have the possibility of adjusting their work timetable to better suits their personal lives.

“Flexibility is the most desirable attribute for employees “

Flexible offices, flexible jobs… the XXI century wants to break with the rules and make new ones that adjust better to their current needs.

What is “flexiworking”?

Flexiworking is a different way of working, combining flexibility and work; two opposited words until now. This new concept values the importance of job well done, without paying attention to programs or offices.Free days, vacations, schedules… all this elements are susceptible to be adapted to their employees needs as long as the nature of the business allows it.In addition, today’s companies can enjoy services that take advantage of such a thing like: teleworking, coworking spaces or virtual offices in which they can enjoy the benefits of having an office, enjoying personal attention and social headquarters, without having the obligation of renting a permanent office

The advantages of flexibility in a work enviroment

Implementing flexibility in a company results in numerous benefits for both employees and employers. These are the five main advantages of your application:

1. Conciliation

Inplementing a felxible work enviroment allows us to please the increasingly demanded balance between work and family. Choosing work schedules, adapting rest times to personal needs and being able to work from home imply a significant reduction in stress among workers.

2. Productivity

Employees can take advantage of flexible hours and manage their time in a more optimal way. Studies have conclude that working from home increases productivity by 15%.

3. Motivation

The employees with flexible hours feel that the company trusts them and their responsibilities consecuently, they stand out for having higher motivation rates. This motivation translates, again, into greater productivity and better results. 

4. Cost reduction

Companies that have part of their staff working from home can benefit by reducing their costs moving to workspaces like those we offer in Lexington in the best areas of Madrid and Barcelona.Moreover, employees can take advantage of it by saving money on travel expenses.

5. Infinite possibilities

The internet allow us to connect with work at any time and from anywhere in the world, which translate into a better quality of life. 

And now that you know what flexiworking is and what are its main benefits, would you like to implement new work flexibility policies in your company?

 “The secret of success in business is to detect where the world is going and get there first”

                                                                                                                                               Bill Gates


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