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Coworking is a word and a concept we all have in mind, right? But, do we know what it truly means? There is a misconception related to this idea: coworking is only for freelancers and based exclusively on hot desking and shared workspaces. Surprise! We were wrong all along. The coworking formula, properly conducted, can also grant amazing benefits for big companies with even bigger teams. Coworking for companies is a thing, no matter their size… let us show you!

Shall we begin?

What can coworking offer to big companies?

Coworking workspaces are the best environment to boost new projects and create synergies with professionals and potential partners. This kind of shared workspaces brings both freelancers and companies of all sizes the infrastructure, services and resources they need so their project takes off. Yes, coworking has many benefits, but this workplace solution is hardly ever connected to international companies or ambitious projects with big teams and several departments. Their needs are different, indeed, but is this coworking concept not able to meet their expectations?

There is another obsolete and utterly wrong idea regarding these big corporate companies: no, they do not prefer a conventional old-fashioned office space. What if we told you this flex trend has captivated them as well? Flexibility, mobility and those little details that made freelancers fall in love with this concept will also charm the members of your team.

Besides all those extra points, the flexible spaces or coworking formula goes beyond, being now one of the favourite workplace solutions for those facility managers turning around their strategy for this new normality after the pandemic. Why is that? Let us show you!

What a coworking should have to meet big companies’ expectations

 We all know what a coworking does already have to meet freelancers and entrepreneurs’ expectations, but what should they cover in order to become the best match for big corporations too?

It’s crystal clear that big multinationals’ prospects are different, quite focused on their brand image, technology and, above all, their team’s wellbeing and talent.

A coworking space for big companies should provide them with resources such as an office space able to convey their values and brand image, 360 IT support so they can set their systems up as easily as possible and all those extra benefits to create the best work environment for their teams in their new flexible office. Strategic locations in the city, accessible and with a huge potential for new and already successful projects. Get inspired by your new workspaces and enjoy the networking opportunities, the most famous feature of the coworking vibe.

Well, now you might be thinking… isn’t it all very similar to a conventional office plus some common areas to work at? Not at all! Moving to flex or coworking means both the best of corporate office and the most outstanding benefits from flex: cost optimization (since you’ll forget about investment risk and implementation expenses such as light or community recurrent charges). This translates into a complete lack of concern over anything that is not driving your business to success. Besides the basics: maintenance, cleaning and reception staff to handle your calls, courier and events. Oh, and let’s not forget about contract periods, way more flexible than conventional ones!

Benefits for growing companies

After 40 years working with corporate companies as our top clients, we know by heart all their necessities and requirements. However, the most important feature we have developed is the ability to know which company or project would make the perfect match with the coworking model.

Even though flexibility is now something every company must include in their yearly strategies, not only for their workspaces, but also for their day-to-day working formulas, there is some business or structures that would welcome this new definition of coworking perfectly form the very beginning.

International companies with new offices in Spain

The international company is one of the most demanding profiles, you can imagine, but their aim is set on flex when they arrive in Spain. Think of it this way: a company based on the United States or Germany, for instance, wants to open up its borders. Do you think it would be wise to waste so much time looking for the perfect building to establish their headquarters? Not to mention the investment of time and effort that requires customising the office with your brand image, the creative process, the rest of the supplies… Maybe their business plan is more important for them, especially on those early stages, so the team ends up working in an aseptic white office, with no inspirational common areas nor personality.

What if the Lexington coworking model for companies could provide you with an expert to walk you through the whole thing so your company had their new office in record time? Flexible contracts, special advice on how to imprint your brand image in your new office and its layout and our most dedicated expertise.

Growing companies both national and international

There is no limit, of course! No matter whether your company was born in Spain or abroad, placing your company in the financial heart of Madrid or Barcelona is always the best choice. This way, your growing project will be where things happen. Flex will become your best ally! Flexibility goes all the way: as we’ve said, choose the contract term that best suits you at the moment, grow or reshape if you need to because this flexibility will always have your back… In a nutshell, having a specialised coworking for companies means forgetting about that headache and being able to brag as much as you want about how your new workspaces take care of your company and team!

Our coworking spaces in Madrid and Barcelona

Are you in? Have we lost all those misconceptions about how coworking is not a fit for big corporations?  We hope so! Its success falls on its capacity to adapt to every team and its size and requirements, not matter their profile or background. Coworking has hit a milestone for meeting the highest expectations of both companies and teams.

Nonetheless, there are some flexible spaces operators whose facilities or workspaces are focused specially on corporate clients. Ours are a good example for that! Lexington’s coworking spaces in Madrid and Barcelona support all those projects moving to flex, no matter how big or small they are. That’s why we can say flexibility is in our DNA: from a business address plan or a virtual office pack for worldwide companies who want to host their most important meetings in the best areas of the city, to a custom-made branded office space for bigger teams working with the newest hybrid working model.

Coworking for companies have some unique benefits (among many others) that we’d like to highlight:

  • Let’s start with the best locations in Madrid and Barcelona
  • Spaces ready for any kind of event, informal meeting or individual work outside the four walls of the office
  • And, of course, private workspaces with a personalised layout, office decoration (which is very important for the company culture, indeed) and for teams of all sizes
  • + access to our common areas at no extra cost
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • And so much more… but you’ll have to visit us!

We are positive coworking is the concept that lives rent free in our minds, the word that always comes to our lips while speaking about business centres or flexible spaces… but did we have a clear image of its true meaning?

Anyways, with our coworking for big companies, all problems are solved! The well-known workspaces formula, now for the most demanding companies. See you soon!

“We are stubborn on vision. We are flexible on details.”

Jeff Bezos


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