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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Let us ask you another question: what would you prefer: a merely functional office that could be your or anybody else’s really, or a workspace with personality, one that creates a professional and cosy environment for your team? The correct answer is obvious, right? To the question “office interior design: is it important?”, our answer is a big fat YES.

Do you want to know why a carefully chosen office design could boost your brand image AND inspire your team? Do you? Right, great, stay here then 😉

A great office interior design could improve your team’s productivity

But, how? How is office design so important that could have such an impact on my team’s results? Easy, the atmosphere created at the workplace could and will shape each employee’s feeling of belonging in the company, their creativity and, therefore, their motivation.

Spending your workday at a tasteless office, with no break-areas nor any cheerful accessory to make your days a bit brighter could speed up burn-out! And that is not something we want, is it?

Workspaces have a priority list and, one of their TOP points, something we are pretty good at ;), is team’s wellbeing. And that’s why a carefully designed and fitted out office, with separated areas to rest and meet with your team is key to your project’s success.

But, watch out! A little plant over here and a painting over there won’t make the cut. Interior design is so important that an uninviting image with no brand personality could, instead of inspire your team, push them away! If your office space feels unprofessional, home-made, uncomfortable or simply random, they won’t feel like they belong there. This disconnection from your values and goals could also mean burning them out little by little.

Do you see it now? No matter you have a small individual office or an open-space for the whole crew, your office interior design is essential for your business to catch on. Is it not enough for you to work on? Wait a minute! Keep reading.

Connection between interior design and your team’s mood

Is there something for my team’s personal mood too? Of course! Same way your office’s interior design would have a huge impact on your employee’s productivity and results, the environment they work in can also affect their most personal side and their feeling of belonging to the company.

Talent retention is an asset companies should place top of their lists, many of whom cannot even begin to imagine how determinant having a branded workspace can be.

Think of it this way: anybody would feel inspired if their work environment constantly sends them creative stimulus, right? They would feel part of a whole. As we’ve shared in many occasions, the sense of belonging and the company culture are both essential elements for that talent you achieved to add to the team truly stay with you in the long run, instead of searching for something else out there.

What’s more, now that the hybrid model of work is completely settled in as a new flatmate, your office’s interior image has gained even more responsibility. Coming back to the office has changed many people’s lives; many of them didn’t even know their companies’ headquarters because they joined the team after the pandemic outbreak. What better than given them (the new and the old ;)) a fresh space, equipped with the latest technology and truly inspiring after months far away from their team and working from their dinning room? It’s a must, no doubt!

In Lexington you can personalise your workspace

Wait, wait there a minute… isn’t it going to be insanely expensive to arrange such personalisation? Oh, well, nop. There, you are not quite right 😉

Back in the day, when having a conventional old-fashioned office was the rule and even the break areas, phone booths and meeting rooms were private, customising the space and investing in branded design yes, it may have been harder. Such projects were 100% out of reach for many companies. But flexible spaces released us from all that, thankfully!

Lexingon flexible spaces and hybrid offices allow big international companies to focus on what’s truly important, and we’ll take care of the rest ;). With a flexible office here in Lexington, all those meeting rooms you’ll need for your events, stunning common areas, coworking spots and coffee break corners are already available to you. Take all that time and effort you saved and invest it in your office branded design. Of course, we’ll be here to advise you.

Office interior design in Lexington

Oh, so I can have a branded office design at a business centre? In Lexington, YES you can (those capital letters were intended). Let us show you!

We have almost conquered it all, really! From ambitious project for big companies with even bigger teams with their own entrance, reception, private kitchen or break areas following the style-guide and corporative colours of the company, to smaller details that will make it count.

Do you need some extra inspo? What if we hang your logo on the wall? Or maybe an encouraging vinyl for the team with a nice view or a meaningful quote? All of it besides tailor-made furniture or special items as carpets, cushions, bookshelves, plants, vintage vases or a life-size cardboard figure of your company mascot. Anything is possible! Let’s just say that some of our most beloved customers have stuff like a foosball or a miniature golf area in their workspace no less!

Tempting enough? Sure thing! Who wouldn’t want to have such a unique office at such a strategic location in Madrid or Barcelona? Don’t hesitate to contact us through this form down below so we can start working on your personalised proposal right away! We have found the best materials and suppliers in Spain to work with, because in Lexington we only aim for exceptional. So, shall we?



“A product can be quickly outdated, but a successful brand is timeless.”

Stephen King 


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