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Anna Jorge

Coworking, hybrid offices and a new mindset have been the main characters of the office comeback this 2021. But, how will it all look in the future? Today we review the office trends that will dress your workspace in 2022.

The pandemic has changed our lives and there is no going back. But its effects go beyond and COVID-19 has become a trend accelerator on many levels. First, we had to adapt to a new way of living in a rush. Two years later we have witnessed how quick some trends have settled… some we can no longer live without!

COVID-19 has become a trend accelerator on many levels, including workspaces.

TikTok, the air fryer, wearing a matching mask and the hybrid working formula are great examples. That’s why, when it comes to the office and its usability and decoration, trends behave similarly.

Some office trends for 2022

After the pandemic, moving out or reorganising the living room was definitely a thing, and it’s the most cutting-edge details and styles the ones that are office trends today. Isn’t our workspace like a second home?

Interior design and flexibility for the 2022 office

Something that will strengthen the role of flexible offices in 2022 is creativity and the emerging necessity of redecorating the workplace. Spaces that allow a U-turn whenever the team needs one. The interior designer that lives in all of us is growing strong, making us move on from old-fashioned corporate offices.

Tranquillity and minimalism are the trend!

The office has always been like a second home, and that is why the workplace must be cosy and comfortable. This 2022, the emphasis will lay on a minimalist and warm aesthetic so the gap between the home office and the corporate office fades away.

Flexibility, customisation and a cosy environment are key trends for offices in 2022.

Trending and sustainable spaces 

Sustainability, waste reduction and environmental care are also trending for 2022, inside and outside the office. Outstanding spaces that also show respect for the environment. Saving energy and avoiding plastics are the main points of the conversation.

Stay connected to our social media! Our #MakeItEco series will keep you updated on how to be sustainable and take care of the environment from your Lexington workspace. Hit the follow button!

The latest trends in technology

Cutting-edge technology is always a trend! New necessities demand new solutions that make possible hybrid meetings, remote working or an exhaustive control of the people coming and going. Each company has its own pace and many of them have yet to fully come back to the office. The flexible office in 2022 will still make it easy for you to handle the comeback however your team wants to.

Spaces to enjoy!

The workplace is now a place for long-desired reunions, so it has to be able to make us happy. 2022 offices will focus on collaborative spaces, meeting rooms and break-out areas, besides open-space offices that boost teamwork.

Caring spaces are trending 

Space diversity and making it all easier for the team is already trending topic! Leisure areas and restaurants nearby or in the same building, accessibility…

Public transportation and parking spots

Clearly, each individual and its commute specifics are different form one another. A key aspect for offices in 2022 is its proximity to public transportation. After months of working from home, teams will value this more than ever.

Our workspaces in 2022: trendy offices

🤔🤔🤔  Does this ring a bell? For sure! Office trends for 2022 make Lexington flex spaces the best match!

Since the conventional idea of coming back to an old-fashioned office is something already breaking apart, the flexible office will gain even more points in 2022. Hybrid offices and flexible spaces will end up replacing the vintage idea of the workplace as we knew it.

Their adaptive capacity, their contractual flexibility and the possibility of customising the space with your brand image are key aspects that puts flex spaces at the top of the 2022 trends list. Flex and coworking spaces will bring to light your inner minimalist interior designer, while offering to your team collaborative areas, ground-breaking workstations and break-out areas so they can take a breath of fresh air without leaving the office.

Let’s be honest, the most popular trend this 2022 is having (at last) a flex office, a flex way of working, and a flex way of thinking! Do you want to know more? Fill this form and join the trending club 😉


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