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The new hybrid model of working has definitely come to stay. Never before did companies see themselves in this position where they have to acclimate so quickly to a new system, combining both face-to-face and online working.

In today’s article we’ll analyse this new kind of office that supports the brand-new hybrid model of working, one we’ll continue to hear of for a long time, for sure.

What is a hybrid office?

A hybrid office is a flexible workspace formula that allows your company to combine home and office working through team rotation.

Workspaces have matured rapidly for this past year of pandemic, and the hybrid office has become the best way forward for many companies and their employees.

This sort of office promotes a hybrid way of working, a mixture of remote working and physical presence at the office. While some may work from home, some others would come to the office, and so they’d rotate. All of them will have the opportunity to find a balance between coming back to the old days at the office and their new routines set after the pandemic.

The hybrid office has become the best way forward for companies and their employees

Combining the best of both home and office work, this hybrid spaces, well un-known in the past,  are now the alternative of choice for many!

Hybrid office benefits

As we’ve said before, the hybrid office brings you the best of both worlds: working from home and at the office, creating then a hybrid formula.

Actually, it will resolve almost every issue derived from both models, namely:

> Those working from home will not develop that strong sense of belonging within the company. Hybrid working fights this, making meetings with the team possible again in order to get that bond back.

> There is no need to choose between home and office working, you can mix both!

> The hybrid office is, above all, flexible: your company will be able to use only what’s necessary at a given moment, with no extra payment commitment.

Employees will appreciate the opportunity of working far away from the usual noise and chaos at home, but always in balance with their personal life.

What’s the difference between hybrid office and home-office?

Home-office implies setting a fully-equipped office in your house. Many had to be built during quarantine because everybody needed, and quickly, some quiet place to work at home.

The hybrid office goes beyond that: it means having that home-office for those days working at home, but it also means spending some days every week at the office with the rest of the team. Isolation will no longer be an issue!

An example? Meet Lexington!

Our hybrid offices were born because we wanted you to introduce this new way of working as smoothly as possible in your company.

That’s why we offer flexible contracts starting from one month, 24/7 office access and services such as meeting rooms, customer service, etc. And, of course, the most impressive common spaces to keep motivation high.

Moreover, Lexington’s hybrid offices come with a very special advantage -they include additional FREE 24/7 passes so teams can rotate and easily implement a hybrid work model. 

At Lexington, we’ve tailored our services to meet our client’s new needs, and we know hybrid offices are one of them. So, if you’re looking for a flexible office in Barcelona or Madrid, don’t hesitate to contact us.

 “Slowly and carefully, it’s great to do things, but its greater to do things right”

Antonio Machado


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