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Now that summer is over and we all have had our much-deserved break, September arrives with all its strength. Besides, with almost 80% of the population already vaccinated in Spain, the new normal that was born after the pandemic is starting to look a lot like the old days.

Nonetheless, working from home is our everyday now, and this concept has come to stay with us for a long time. The office is no longer the only place where one can work efficiently, right? The formula chosen by the majority of companies for their return to the office is hybrid.

The latest study on safety at work made by B+SAFE shows that less than 12% of employees would choose working from home all the time. On the other side, the new hybrid model has captivated more than 60% of both employers and employees, a formula that combines working on-site and remotely, so you’ll get the best of both worlds.

Working from home is a reality now, and it has come to stay with us for a while. The office is no longer the only place where one can work efficiently. However, only 12% of employees would choose working from home all the time. It’s the hybrid model the one that has captivated more than 60% of employers and employees.

Every single one of us were waiting for this return to the office like a breath of fresh air, didn’t we? But we cannot deny that the pandemic has brought new work models, new routines and a new desire for work-life balance that we cannot (nor want to) leave in the past. That is the reason behind hybrid work becoming the main character to this new chapter that is coming back to the office in September.

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Hello September, hello hybrid offices!

Employees are certain of their preferences: combining both working models so they can work from home some days a week, and come back to the office some others. This way, they can get those in-person meetings, brainstorming sessions and those real coffee breaks back once and for all. But, will the office space row in the same direction? Will it be able to go with the new routines?

The hybrid office is the solution more than 62,2% of Spanish companies are aspiring to during this back-to-school season. Flexible spaces so their comeback can run as smooth as possible: teams can be relocated, safety measures can be met, all while enjoying meeting rooms, break areas and phone booths where attend online meetings as we used to!

One of this season’s trends is the 3+2 formula: 3 days a week for office meetings, having lunch with the team and breathing fresh air, combined with 2 days working from home to enjoy sleeping in, having an online breakfast and focusing on that project that requires your full attention.

Also, these hybrid offices will help to tie up those loose ends from remote work we couldn’t get rid of naturally and strengthen the reasons why you should come back to the office this 2021. It will be easier for everybody to stick to their schedule while working from home since they’ll respect office hours 3 days a week, forgetting the fear of not being productive enough while working from their living rooms. It’s the perfect excuse to get out there and breathe some fresh air when that creative project you are working on just doesn’t quite click.

The hybrid model will help to tie up those loose ends from remote work such as chaotic schedules, short time to swich off and the opportunity to take off and go to the office or to stay at home, 100% up to you!

The key to success is facing this return to the office as if it were the end of a chapter. It’s about time to get out of the rollercoaster, out of changes overnight so we can (now, for real) get our normal back… with a twist! In 2019, less than 5% of employees in Spain had the opportunity to work from home. Now, with this hybrid model with which you can combine both on-site working and working from home, work-life balance is possible.

Our hybrid workspaces

In Lexington, we wanted this return to the office to be as smooth as possible for our clients (and for you, obvs!). Today, we want you to draw a checklist with all those new emerging needs so you can choose the hybrid formula that suits you best!

Lexington’s hybrid office goes beyond, with a personalised recipe for each company. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and greet all the extra services available you can imagine. What’s more! Work in a private office or around our common areas with our by-the-hour or by-the-day vouchers!

Click here and you too will welcome September in your new office! Relocate your teams, implement the 3+2 hybrid work plan and enjoy, at last, the return to the office!

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” —Dolly Parton


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