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One of the key concepts that will lead your projects on and will make your company still growing strong is attracting talent (also known as “employer branding”), and once that is done, learning how to retain it. Is your company currently focusing on that? If not, don not worry because after reading this article you will for sure change your mind and your goals towards get and keeping top talent.

The importance of attracting and retaining talent

A constant fight among companies within a labour market constantly changing and growing more and more dynamic and transformative is learning how to keep their employees motivated.

Knowing that employees’ needs and the company’s needs from one another look probably alike, so one of the ongoing fights among companies within a labour market constantly changing and growing more and more dynamic and transformative is learning how to keep their employees motivated by offering them a balanced atmosphere based on trust and mutual recognition.

Attracting talent, digital talent above all else, is definitely going to help you strengthen your business. Because a talented employee eager to develop their professional career within your company will be an essential gear towards success.

Another point to highlight should be the positive impact an employee-focused culture, whose main goal is their wellbeing, would have on your team. This way, they all would feel part of the company, as if they were a true ambassador of the brand. Loyalty and commitment as the principal basis of their relationship with it, feeling above all proud of belonging, even through critical and pandemic times. Everything is essential to remain competitive.

How to attract talent?

Let us show you some examples on how to attract talent, and then retaining it in your business! Learn more!

1. Offering flexibility

People are now, even more after this pandemic, specially valuing flexibility at their jobs. Not only working-hours related, but also on combining teleworking with on-site working (or the “hybrid model”, as we call it). Finding a balance between our professional and personal life was never this important!

2. Competitive wages

Salary has always been a very significant aspect for workers when choosing one company or another. They look for a salary that meets their own requirements and career aspirations.

Likewise, retaining the cream of the employee crop will be easier if you can offer them extra benefits, such as medical insurance, travel and subsistence expenses and whatnot.

3. Advancement opportunities

A professional career in which one can promote and rise within the company is also key to retain top talent. That is why on-the-job training programs are basic so that our team keeps growing up, qualified and motivated. Benefits will come for both employees and employers!

4. An ideal work environment

Productivity and concentration also come from an ideal working atmosphere. A motivated and happy team, excited to help and grow together is fundamental to both bring in new candidates and to maintain the talent you already have in your company.

Find all you need in our flexible offices

The dream of any employee is to work in an office with modern facilities, with the best technology and with social areas and offices with original formats where they can work, hold meetings, workshops, or simply relax and disconnect after a long day.

Thus, keeping teams motivated and satisfied is one of the priorities that all companies must have to attract talent. At Lexington, we are committed to the flexible office concept in all our workspaces, which provides companies with the best personalized solutions adapted to their needs and rhythms, and also become the best allies in complex and uncertain situations such as the one we are facing. living after the outbreak of the coronavirus. In this post we tell you why.

Why Lexington?

In addition, Lexington’s business centers in Madrid and Barcelona are in strategic locations in the city, which facilitates meetings with clients, networking, access to entertainment spaces … in short, an improvement in well-being for the worker That can be translated into an improvement in your productivity and in that you do not want to change companies.

 “There is no such thing as a great talent without great willpower.”

Honoré de Balzac


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