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Finding employees that fit in with the company values is not an easy assignment, neither that this candidate fits in the position offered also providing a knowledgeable experience. Nevertheless, this is the major goal for talent hunters or head hunters.

Talent hunting allows getting higher results than other conventional Human Resource methodologies

Therefore, in order to search for the most qualificated employees, it is essential to bet for a talent hunter. Thanks to his experience on talent hunting, he will perfectly know what your Company demands.  In this sense, pay attention to this post, you will discover what a talent hunter is, and what his role should be like. Let´s start!

What the talent hunting is?

Talent Hunting is a recruiting technique used by some companies, which is focused on a very specific profile. This methodology, differs from other more conventional techniques getting better results. That is because, it analyses the company particular needs carefully and it is a professional expert who initiates the perfect talent hunting process.

This is a recruiting method focused on key management position

The Talent Hunter profile

Before we start to list down which the best attributes every good hunter should meet, it is important to know when we would demand the services from this professional.We could require from his service also when the hiring process is confidential or when we are searching for a senior profileSo, as we already know the moment when a company needs a head hunter, we are going to disclose which skills should a genuine head hunter reflect, ¡There go!

1. Set the objetives

Any competent talent hunter is in charge of setting deadlines, goals and clearly defined objectives with the purpose of being able to measure results when working on proposals. That way, he instills the confidence, trust and safety required in any recruiting process.

2. Introduce his methods in a clearly way

Before starting the recruiting process, the talent hunter should introduce what searching, assessment and selection methods he will use.

3. Work by speciality

When working by speciality, it is easier for the head hunter to identify what kind of talent companies are looking for, since he is aware of the best talents in each area and he can give you very useful and worthly information: for example, which the market conditions are for every specific vacancy.

4. Is 100% adaptable

Being a very good connoisseur of the changeable business world, even more, of Human Resources, a good talent hunter must be informed about the latest trends and be part of this continuous evolution on his profession

“In the middle of the difficulty lies opportunity”.

Albert Einstein


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