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Find inspiration in entertainment

Good news! Leadership series not only entertain us but also make us better at work. Many moments we dedicate to disconnecting include lessons on leadership, teamwork, and corporate culture. Could it be said, then, that we are in constant work training? We’ll tell you how you can make the most of those good and sometimes long sofa moments. 💡

Tips for incorporating elements from series into corporate culture

Pay attention to how you can apply leadership principles observed in series to your corporate culture, and consider that often, reality surpasses fiction. From decision-making to conflict management, you can put the lessons from your favorite series into practice for the needs of your team.

Promote motivation and teamwork through audiovisual content

Do you have a series in mind that can strengthen team cohesion and foster motivation? Feel free to recommend it and analyze together the characters, situations, and key decisions to extract valuable lessons that can be applied in the workplace.

How to use series as a professional development tool

Series could be implemented in professional development programs using selected episodes as learning material. While traditional training plays a crucial role, let’s not underestimate the power of narrative and inspiration that we can derive from television series.

That said, today, in our #LexingtonMagazine, we bring you 3 recommendations for leadership series. Not only have they positively influenced our personal growth, but they have also strengthened our skills as team collaborators. Discover them with us!



Top series on leadership

Band of Brothers


Band of Brothers is a 10-episode television miniseries based on the book of the same name by Stephen Ambrose. Co-produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks in 2001, the series follows the story of the men of Easy Company who fought in Europe during World War II.

There are several reasons why “Band of Brothers” is considered an excellent series for learning about leadership and teamwork:

  • Situational leadership: The series showcases a variety of leadership styles in different situations.
  • Character development: It illustrates how challenges and adversities can forge strong leaders and how camaraderie is essential for overcoming challenges.
  • Teamwork: Characters rely on each other to survive and achieve their objectives, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and trust in difficult situations.
  • Decision-making under pressure: Characters face challenging situations and must make quick decisions that affect both themselves and their comrades.
  • Ethics and morality: The series also addresses ethical and moral issues that leaders must confront.
  • Adaptability: Throughout the series, characters and the group as a whole must adapt to changing environments and unforeseen challenges.

Where to watch

The series can be watched on both Netflix and HBO Max. If you don’t have a subscription to either of these platforms, you can also try watching it for free through Just Watch.


The Crown


The Crown is a series that follows the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II, created and written by Peter Morgan and produced by Left Bank Pictures and Sony Pictures Television for Netflix.

While it doesn’t focus specifically on leadership and teamwork in the same way as “Band of Brothers,” “The Crown” offers valuable lessons on leadership, power, decision-making, and adaptation in the context of the British monarchy and international politics. Here are some reasons why this series should be almost mandatory for anyone at any stage of their adult life:

  • Leadership in a monarchy: The unique challenges faced as a leader of a centuries-old institution and how she balances her personal life with public responsibilities are highlighted.
  • Decision-making and responsibilities: Queen Elizabeth II often finds herself in situations where she must make important decisions affecting her family, country, and empire.
  • International relations: The series provides a perspective on how leadership can influence diplomatic relations and a country’s image on the world stage.
  • Adaptation to social changes: It explores how the monarchy adapts to social and political changes over time.
  • Family relationships and teamwork: Although the series focuses on the Queen, it also explores family relationships and dynamics, including tensions and collaborations among members of the royal family.
  • Media and public pressures: This provides insight into how leadership can be affected by public opinion and the need to manage external perception.

Where to watch

The series can be watched on Netflix. If you don’t have a subscription to this platform, you can also try watching it for free through Just Watch.


Mad Men


Mad Men is a television series on AMC, created by Matthew Weiner, set in the 1960s at an advertising agency in New York. While the series primarily focuses on the world of advertising and the personal lives of the characters, it also offers some lessons on leadership and teamwork. Here are the main reasons why “Mad Men” is the perfect leadership series for your downtime:

  • Leadership in the business world: Don Draper, the protagonist, is the creative director and partner, and his leadership style and decision-making impact the dynamics of the company.
  • Team dynamics: Rivalries, collaborations, and how the actions of a team member can have a significant impact on overall performance are observed.
  • Creativity and problem-solving: Since the series is set in the advertising world, it highlights creative processes and the need to find innovative solutions to meet client demands.
  • Adaptation to change: The characters and the agency must adapt to the transformations of the 1960s, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and adaptability in leadership and teamwork.
  • Business ethics and labor relations: “Mad Men” also explores ethical issues in the business world, such as ethical decision-making, labor relations, and conflict management in the workplace.
  • Stress and pressure management: Given the competitive nature of the advertising industry, the characters face constant pressures and stress.

Where to watch

The series can be watched on Prime Video. If you don’t have a subscription to this platform, you can also try watching it for free through Just Watch.


How do you find our selection? 👀 There’s no doubt that series addressing the theme of leadership teach us many new skills that we can apply in the workplace. Narratives emphasizing the importance of vision, resilience, and collaboration motivate us to continue fostering professional growth. If that’s not enough for you, we have a list of 10 books on business leadership to add to your library. Don’t miss out!

At Lexington, we understand the importance of cultivating an environment that promotes leadership and creativity. Our flexible spaces are designed to boost productivity and innovation, offering dynamic areas where professionals can customize their offices. If we incorporate the lessons from these series into our daily lives and take advantage of the opportunities we provide at Lexington, we are on the path to success and excellence in the workplace, don’t you think? Take your leadership to the next level while working in our flexible spaces! 🙌🏼


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