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Only the words have the power to explain great things, and that’s why we are going to dedicate this post to those famous quotes that have been said by the greatest CEOs around the world and have become leadership quotes that will definitely help you to improve as an entrepreneur.

Are you ready? Ther it goes!

A manager never be a professional leader if doesn’t bet for innovation and bring values day to day

#1. “The innovation distinguishes between leader and a follower”. -Steve Jobs.

This is a leadership quote that is repeated over and over again in the business world, since being unique and have a strong personality makes you different from the rest. A manager will never be a leader if does not bet for innovation and bring values, not just following the requirements of the company or what the superior dictate.

#2. “If something is important enough you should try, even if the probable outcome is failure”. –Elon Musk

You can say it louder but not more clear. If you are completely convinced of what you are doing, you will continue to put the trust necessary to maintain your goals and objectives. And if you show this strong security in yourself, you will be able to transmit that to your customers, co-workers, investors, etc. thus gaining your position as leader, the position you were looking for.

#3. Managers will tell people what to do, whereas leaders will inspire them to do it“. –Jeff Weiner

Sometimes things do not have to be said, you know it. This is how a leader should act, inspiring his employees to do things of their own volition and not repeatedly telling them to do them. And is that a good leader is able to transmit the spirit and essence of a company.

#4. “A good leader doesn’t get stuck behind a desk”. –Richard Branson

That’s right, this is precisely what this business tycoon has been burned in his philosophy of work. And if you wait for opportunities to knock on the door, you’re not going to get anything: you have to dare to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and work hard to reach them.

Let us not take the failures as mistakes but rather as lessons of learning that will help us to improve our leadership capacity

#5. “It’s fine to celebrate succes but is more important to heed the lessons of failure”. –Bill Gates.  

Let us also be a little humble and let’s acknowledge that we can all make mistakes at any time. If so, please learn from them and do not take them as failures but rather as learning lessons that will help us to improve our leadership skills and how to manage certain situations. In this way, we will continue to evolve and grow step by step.If you liked this post, we suggest you to have a look to the business tips proposed by our CEO, David Vega, to expand your company with success.


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