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Leadership is a set of skills that a person acquires and which have a direct influence in their way of being and behaving with others. But, how to be a good leader?

 We could say that the leader is made, not born. Therefore, you can cultivate your emotional skills to have that status, especially if you are in a managerial position in a company and wish to generate a positive image in your employees.

Keep reading, we are going to tell you the keys that will make you a good leader.

1. Communication: be a clear person.

Clear communication is one of the skills that answers the question of how to be a good leader. If you have the ability to make people “follow you”, you have to know how to communicate “where”, as otherwise, there will be a lack of understanding.

In the business world, it is very important to stand out as a good communicator, because if you have a position where certain skills are required, being a clear and effective person is one of them. This will determine the image that employees will have from you: positive, generating a good working environment.

It is also convenient to know the aspects best valued by your workers, because it will bring you closer to them, don’t you think?

Being a clear and effective person will make you stand out as a good communicator and leader

 2. Lead by example

From a young age we are taught to differentiate between good and evil, as well as we get to know that those things we would not like to happen to us, we don’t do it to others, right? Well, in that line goes one of the keys of how to be a good leader: lead by example.

If you have a position that involves managing employees, it is very important that, in order for  what you say to be credible by your employees, you lead by example! A very simple example, if you want them to have environmental awareness through energy savings in the office, and ask them to remember to turn off the lights, but then you leave them on, what do you think they will think?

3. Do not abandon your emotions

Sometimes when we get to a position with people reporting to us, we work to have a more distant image, because we do not want to cross the line between being professional and being social. It is true that it is good to maintain some differentiation between “work” and “fun” but if you go over a certain point you might be missing those emotions that make a boss a good leader. Emotions are necessary in our day to day, they humanize us and make it easier for others to start a productive conversation with us.

4. Give passion

Do you like your job? Show it to your employees! If you are passionate about what you do, you will make your employees as passionate as you are, or even more, don’t you think?

Showing off passion for what we do is one of the qualities of a good leader, for this generates a similar attitude on those around you. Prepare a motivational speech and when you find yourself to be “speechless” you can appeal to techniques to deal with those situations or phrases that every good boss should say, the most important thing is to show love for what you do, in a natural way at all times.

Show passion for what you do and your employees will get involved with you

5. Be a good person

In general, you will go much further being a good person, no matter what is your field of work. One day you may need someone’s help, and if you have not behaved as you should, their response might be “go and solve your problems yourself” So if you want to know how to be a good leader, you will have to empathize and strive to generate the best of climates.

“To lead people, walk behind them”

Lao Tzu


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