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New year, new me… and new projects! It feels like January always arrives with this energy that inspires change, new beginnings, growth and the well-known new year’s resolutions. Well, how about we invest in a new business idea? This is the year for entrepreneur-minds! After so many changes and rearrangements, new needs have emerged, needs we have to face, right? Here you’ll find six profitable business ideas to invest in (alongside all the motivation we can inspire, of course). Go, don’t let them get there before you do!

Benefits of investing in an original business idea

 Entrepreneurship is for those who won’t settle for less, for those aiming beyond, for true rebels. Autonomy, connection, creativity… many are the benefits of taking the plunge and bring that idea you had in mind, and maybe scared you for some time, to life. 

It’s time to open the drawer, to turn your company upside down and take on new adventures… Investing in a new business idea is a win-win for both new entrepreneurs and successful business-owners who want to expand their companies, get involved in new projects or boost that branch with so much potential within their market. A new app that utilizes artificial intelligence, perhaps, or a new digital product, or a never-before-seen agency that combines usability, creativity, and productivity? Just saying!

Investing in profitable business ideas is a win-win for both new entrepreneurs and successful business-owners who want to expand their companies, get involved in new projects or boost that branch with so much potential within their market.

Either with a brand-new business or an expansion in style, the entrepreneur experiences something no ordinary words can describe. Lacking inspiration? Check out our latest post about the most successful young entrepreneurs in Spain. They dared and now can proudly run successful international projects, the best of the teams and amazing talent. What are you waiting for?

The most profitable business ideas in Spain for 2024

 The best business to invest in won’t come and knock on your door… or maybe they will? Find six top profitable business ideas to invest in this year. We are crying out for them! Coming up with an answer for some of them can launch you to success, take notes!

Smart spaces

What not long ago seemed like fiction, today is a reality. Homes, offices, or any space you can imagine can be intelligent. And no, we’re not talking about turning on the light with a clap or having an Alexa keeping us company, this goes much further. Smart services have become an increasingly popular demand. Homeowners can configure and install smart home devices, such as voice assistants, smart thermostats, security cameras, alarms, and smart lighting systems. Smart technologies have become a profitable business due to their high demand and their inevitable constant commitment to suppliers and other service providers for maintenance, repair, and installation, which require continuous contact with customers. If the tech world is your thing, this is your ideal opportunity to start a business in Spain!

Renting Clothes

In recent years, we have witnessed the boom of second-hand clothing stores, a business that has undoubtedly proven to be very profitable in Spain as well. However, in this 2024, we want to go further, opting for even more innovative ideas such as a clothing rental business. This is the perfect solution to showcase a unique and special outfit without the need to invest a lot of money in buying it and then not using it anymore in your life. The truth is that this new business formula is increasingly popular among Spanish ‘fashion victims’ and also promotes circular fashion.

Modular and flexible furniture

Flexibility has become an essential feature on every level: at the workplace, in our personal lives, with ourselves and our routines… and furniture cannot fall behind! Creating innovative and modular pieces of furniture, flexible and able to adapt to different situations may be the business idea you were looking for. Office furniture, home-office pieces… there is no limit!

A dining-room table that folds into a desk, secret drawers or cubes that you can arrange to create different surfaces depending on your needs and how many people will use it… this business idea requires tons of creativity and a great imagination! Besides the best materials and a solid experience on the market that allows you to identify the best opportunity. Is this a match?

Artificial Intelligence

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence began in 2023, and the launch of ChatGPT or Bard demonstrates it. In just a few months, companies have already implemented this solution to optimize their businesses, and those that haven’t yet done so simply don’t fully understand it yet. Therefore, starting a business by creating solutions that utilize AI technology could be a safe bet for this 2024.

Remote IT support

Working from home has been an epiphany in many ways, but we’ve also discovered we are no computer experts, are we? Who hasn’t found themselves home, working but also fighting with a computer that just doesn’t want to collaborate? And no, the Monday blue mood is not the answer ;).

Creating a remote IT support platform could mean salvation for many: not only for those working from home, but also for other entrepreneurs facing bigger issues, maybe too big for them. Launch a chat platform, call your customers on the phone or connect remotely to their computers and help them with their everyday challenges. Don’t you think this idea has lots of potential?


Have you written a book, but it hasn’t been published yet? Thanks to the Internet, we can bypass the step of fighting for the attention of publishers and become authors on our own. Now it’s possible to sell eBooks, electronic books, using personal websites or self-publishing platforms like Amazon KDP. If you’re a blogger, have an online business, or work in education, eBooks are ideal for compiling content into a comprehensive and downloadable guide, adding value to the website and other content. This way, you can generate passive income by publishing your eBooks! Here’s how to do it ⬇️

Successful international business examples to invest 

 Do you feel like the business ideas above are too risky? Don’t you believe in their potential? Let us present our TOP3 most profitable business ideas, all of which have been extremely successful abroad but haven’t landed in Spain just yet.

Who knows? A project that started on January can develop into something worth highlighting on your yearly evaluation on December! Take notes on these profitable business ideas to invest in!

Capsule hotels in Japan

Capsule, or pod, hotels offer you the same service as a conventional hotel, but with a twist. Instead of normal-sized rooms, these hotels suggest a smaller-sized space where you can rest and sleep if you are traveling on a budget. Staying here will give you access to luxurious common areas and facilities such a spa, saunas or restaurants. These pods are, for sure, extra comfortable, practical and with high-speed Internet. Yay or nay?

Ghost coffee shops in NYC, USA

Coffee lovers? Stop scrolling! This business idea is your match for this year. Ghost coffee shops are quick, practical and sustainable. Develop a magnetic app and get in touch with the best coffee shops in your area so you can deliver the best coffee to those unable to stop working on their computers enough time to get it themselves. Use your own branded reusable containers and shout bye-bye to single-use plastics! It’s a very thriving business in New York City, would you please bring it to Spain already?

Refill Store in Leeds, UK 

We need to be products bought in bulk back! There is a store in Leeds working under this philosophy already, investing in sustainability and quality. Food, soap, beauty products… anything you can imagine without a drop of single-use-plastic! It may sound risky in a way, yes, but now is the year we start taking care of the environment once and for all. It’s about time!

Hopefully we inspired you well enough so you feel the new year’s energy now. Do you feel the butterflies? Those came to tell you YOU want to invest in a brand-new market branch!

“If we tried to think of a good idea, we wouldn’t have been able to think of a good idea. You just have to find the solution for a problem in your own life.” 

Brian Chesky, Co-founder of Airbnb


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