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Children, children, future, future… But what if the song went millennials, millennials, future, future 🎶?  Becoming an entrepreneur is an outstanding achievement nowadays and, undoubtedly, the best way to inspire young people and to generate global progress. Spanish youth’s creativity has put them at the top of European lists for their projects, they got some nerve! And, of course, some great ideas the rest couldn’t think of in the past. Entrepreneurship is booming, and it has been for quite some time. After the pandemic and all those months that we had all the time in the world alone with our minds, many young people finally decided to take the plunge and get on board that business idea that had been prowling around their minds for years. If not now, when? These are some TOP young Spanish entrepreneurs everyone should know! They are pure inspiration.

Bonus track: but first things first… if you want some extra inspo from our part, here you can read the story of the entrepreneur that brought Lexington to life, the story of how we believed that something new from across the globe would work in Spain. And flex spaces are now trending! 👏🏻

TOP10 young Spanish entrepreneurs

In no particular order, here you have our TOP 10 young Spanish entrepreneurs everyone should know. You must have heard of them before, haven’t you?

  • Pablo Vidarte

He has just turned 25 this year, but has already accomplished so much! He is one of the top young entrepreneurs in the country for Bioo. The main goal of this project is to produce electricity using the process of photosynthesis. Nowadays, he is internationally recognized and also considered one of the top promising young-adults in Europe, hot!

  • Uriel Romero

The former member of the Forbes’ “30 under 30” started as an entrepreneur at the tender age of 11. Uriel has always focused his efforts on fields such as teaching and education. Some projects under his eyes are Stuvoz, ‘Qnoow and the NGO ODRE, all of them aiming for real change in the educational department. He also developed Nekuno, an app based on artificial intelligence that connects real people with their best match.

  • Gala Gil Amat

An interpreter and translator, but also cofounder and CEO of Yellowfish, and now Sales Manager at Triple. Gala can proudly say that her face has been screened at Times Square, New York. Everybody knows her as an international entrepreneur and a collaborator in the European Parliament and the United Nations.

  • Juan Cartagena y Clara Fernández

Their little baby, Rosita Longevity, is an app that helps the elderly to increase their life expectancy. Sport sessions and mobility exercises for their age 60 to 80 public. Getting out of the couch is only the beginning!

  • Antonio Espinosa de los Monteros

One Young World chose Antonio as one of the TOP15 entrepreneurs this year. He is cofounder and CEO of the first Spanish certified social company, Auara, an organization that brings drinkable water to those in need. He usually says that traveling allowed him to meet many people and to find his one true calling. Inspiring!

  • Angela Cabal y Javier Aracil

The Mr. Wonderful empire! It started out sharing positive and catchy mottos on Facebook and it has become a record-breaking viral business. This Catalonian company was born on the couch at this couple’s apartment and it’s now the best example of serendipity.

  • Yaiza Canosa

She was already an entrepreneur at 16. Yaiza has founded companies such as GOI Travel, Glue Concept, Glue Work and Spoortan. For her, being an entrepreneur is like being an artist. Her little secret? Learning comes from experience: “I am not the cleverest woman there is, the thing is that I encounter a problem and I look for a solution”.

  • Fran Villalba Segarra

Already a programmer at 13, Fran is currently developing a new kind of Internet! Internxt is transparent, sustainable and respectful with its users’ privacy. Kind of rebel, isn’t it? His main goal is to create a safe and sustainable online experience. Internxt Drive is already out, as well as Internxt Photos. And the latest, Internxt Send, right at the starting line.

  • Pedro Espinosa

Another reference among young Spanish entrepreneurs everybody should know is Pedro, founder and CEO of LlaoLlao, a very popular frozen yoghurt chain. He wanted to offer a healthy, low-calorie and quality snack, and he is doing so now with 129 stores out of Spain. Yummy!

  • Paloma Cantero

Cofounder and CEO of YouthProAktiv, a project focused on the youth’s education and professional development. She wants to inspire them, to empower them to, maybe, be an entrepreneur like she is. We love the vibe!

TOP young Spanish entrepreneurs of the moment

During the pandemic, many projects and ideas came to life. It was time to jump into social media and open little independent businesses. It was time to think things through. That’s why many young people, some Spaniards among them, have got a shot of stardom as creative and innovative references. As entrepreneurs. Here you have some names we are sure you’ll heard in the future!

  • Andrea Barber

Confounder and CEO of the start-up that is revolutionising the solar plant sector, development and design, RatedPower. Andrea is already an inspiration empowering women with her podcast Vostok6, and she has been considered one of the most business-creative women in Spain, no less!

  • Alejandro Cañada, Louan Rousseau y Alejandro Sánchez

We had to highlight these three names because they have climbed up their way to become part of the TOP20 most promising entrepreneurs in Europe this 2021. The three of them developed Unigow, a platform that connects university students with high-school teenagers so they can help them taking the right choices when it comes to their career path.

What are you waiting for to open that box and start that business idea you know will be a success? Do it, and do it now. Maybe, one day, it will be your name up there on that list. Dare to do it!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”


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