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Entrepreneurial world has experienced a boom in the last few years and the amount of young people committed to make their business idea real and becoming successful business people is growing with a common goal: making their dream come true and meeting a social need.

The amount of young people committed to make their business idea real and becoming successful business people is growing

In this regard, Lexington has created a ranking including those successful Spanish entrepreneurs every business lover should know. So, pay attention and don’t miss anything because they will give plenty to talk about.

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15 Successful Spanish Entrepreneurs

We have chosen 15 successful Spanish entrepreneurs under 30 from a list made by El Referente less than a year ago. So, if you want to take part and add some others, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment on this post. Let’s go!

#1 ↠  Antonio Espinosa

This Spanish globetrotter from Seville is an architect who has lived and worked in different places such as Peru, Cambodia or Ethiopia, where he discovered that the biggest problem for poor people was the lack of drinking water.So, after his learnings and experiences in this country, he decided to work to change this fact and developed the project called Auara with his partners Pablo Urbano and Luis de Sande. It is a social company which is responsible for providing people in need with drinking water, financing social projects through the sale of this mineral water brand in Spain.

#2 ↠  Javier Martín

Since he was little, this Spanish entrepreneur was interested in the world of programming and hacking to the point where he developed his own app at the age of 20, becoming the mobile responsible for ElevenPaths department in Telefónica.After studying Telecommunication Engineering and Administration and Business Management, he started his own business: Aluxion Labs, one of the main design and digital products development agency in Spain. In addition, he has also cofounded other startups like Fudeat or Utalen.

#3 ↠  Pablo Vidarte

22 –year-old Pablo Vidarte is a successful entrepreneur because of being a referent in the technology sector as he is the creator and the developer of Bioo, a leading project of Arkyne to generate electricity from the plants photosynthesis.Besides, because of all this and his innate talent he has appeared in  the European list “30 under 30” by Forbes. Amazing!

#4 ↠  Manuel Sierra

Manuel Sierra launched his first online shop at the early age of 12, amazing! His premature interest in digital world has lead him to launch projects of all kinds. Currently, he is the cofounder and CMO of Snau, the first platform which offers all the services needed by a dog in the same place. Get to know them!

#5 ↠  Yaiza Canosa

Yaiza also started his way in the entrepreneurial world when she was very young, which has lead her to be the founder of GOI Travel, Glue Concept, GlueWork and Spoortan.

#6   Uriel Romero

Would you believe of anyone creating web pages at the age of 11? This is real if we talk about Uriel Romero. He launched 2 projects being under 18: Stuvoz y ‘Qnoow, both focused in education sector.After that, he created ODRE NGO to promote a real change in the education system. He developed an Artificial Intelligence product, founded Nekuno and he has also been included in Forbes list “30 under 30” recently.

#7   Óscar Pierre

One of the best known successful Spanish entrepreneurs is currently Óscar Pierre, CEO and cofounder of Glovo, the leading delivery app in Spain.He describes himlself as an active person and a professional entrepreneur who is leading his startup to the highest levels establishing presence in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valence, Milano and Paris. So… yes, he is also one of those Europeans under 30 listed by FORBES.

#8   Pep Gómez

This youngster from Castellón, entrepreneur and investor of technological companies, decided to move to San Francisco being only 18 to work for Solon Venture Capital, an investment vehicle involved in companies such as StepOne, Idealista, Tuenti, FloresFrescas or Wallapop. In 2012 he founded Fever and in2016 he joined Mobile World Capital Fundation as Innovation and Venture Capital Chairman.

#9   Paloma Cantero

She has studied Laws, Political Sciences and Journalism and she is specialized in International Relations. She is also passionate about leadership and entrepreneurship and has launched some projects related to education, youth, social movements, human dignity and fashion.Paloma Cantero is cofounder and  CEO in YouthProAktiv and founder of CWC, a consultant specialized in representing companies and organizations against European Institutions and YesIDo!

#10   Raquel Vázquez

Raquel is specialized in complex researches and war crimes, technology and human rights, international criminal law and foreign policy.She currently works in eyeWitness to Atrocities,an organization which uses technology to preserve and authenticate digital stuff in order to ensure war crimes do not go unpunished.

#11   Javier Rodríguez

This entrepreneur studies Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona. Only 22, he is already cofounder and Chief Operating Officer in Arkyne Technologies, elaborating  business strategies, product-market processes and he also collaborates with other entities.

#12   Jaime Farres

After working as a mechanical engineer in the beginning of his career, he specialized in business sector until 2016, when he founded his own company, 21 Buttons, a social ecommerce that is growing quickly and in which its users can buy popular products.

#13   Jordina Arcal

Natural born fighter and entrepreneur, she founded HealthApp with Jordi Cusidó. This is a company which develops apps for sanitary use and which enables communication between doctors and patients through the mobile phone. Besides, she has earned the recognition of  MIT Technology Review thanks to her compromise, efficiency and education.

#14   Blanca Rodríguez

This entrepreneur started his carrer in THE Strategy Department of The Boston Consulting Group, where she still keeps her job as a consultant for retailers and consumers. In 2014, she launched Smile and Learn,  an edtech Company to improve children’s education.Smile and Learn, is growing at an unstoppable rate and it already has 15 employees, more than 500.000 downloads and it is used in more than 50 schools…. A great success!

#15 ↠  Jorge Dobón

Jorge Dobón is one of the most successful Spanish entrepreneurs, he is the CEO of Demium Startups, one of the best known incubator networks, founded along with  Ismael Teijón and Aitor Sancho.His passion for business world is so big he is also a business angel, focusing on companies in seed phase of Denium incubator programs.

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