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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

The year 2020 has brought with it a long pause, doubts and uncertainty for many companies. And, for Lexington, it has been a challenging changing year as well. A year to reconsider our services, to focus on squeezing the most flexibility out of our workspaces. A year with no breaks allowed, always dodging difficulties in our way, consolidating as leaders. At the end of the day, we’ve always had a very clear goal to achieve: to give the best of us so our beloved normal could be back as soon as possible.

It’s been a rough time for everybody, something we couldn’t even expect, but such challenges usually come with deep wonders and great memories of how this all started and where we are now.

This 2021, we will be (re)born, more rebels than ever

▷ 40 years reinventing workspaces

It’s easy to say, right? 40 years. Well, it’s been 40 years since Lexington started growing strong, braking taboos, committing.

It’s been 40 years since we came back from the United States with an idea, with a challenge ahead of us. A name? José Manuel Vega, the founder of Lexington. He was the first to ever take a chance with such business model here in Spain, he was the first who decided to bring it back home, packed in his suitcase. It was nothing close to a souvenir, tough. Across the ocean, he could really see how it worked, he dreamt with it… So he bravely took the risk, because back then, nobody believed that such business formula could work here in Spain. Who would think that sharing the reception desk, secretary or even common spaces was actually the future?

The cultural gap was abysmal, we are positive, but the American dream was still in our minds as daily inspiration, and the United states as a symbol of success. Mustn’t there be a reason behind all of that?

Well, he saw it, and he managed to open the Spanish market to his imagination, making Lexington one of the most consolidated, long-standing companies in the sector.

40 years have passed, and we are as proud of our origins as the very first day, of our essence, of that leap of faith that we took so many years ago. That’s why this 2021, more than ever, we wanted to be (re)born, to spice it up a bit! This 2021 we will be, as we always have, rebels!

▷ Our brand identity: born to be rebel!

Let us explain, shall we?

Did you ever wonder what’s going on inside your head, your subconscious? How does it work?

As if it was a novel, our most basic instincts and reflexes can relate to different tropes and archetypes, each of whom have a role in our story. It’s like different people on the same team: the citizen, for example, makes everybody feel like belonging, like home. The sage has everything under control, even the hardest setbacks and the most complicated strategies. The hero will always be there to stand up and fight, willing to sacrifice for others, to go on adventures. So… where do we stand? Who is the one that turns the rules into something new, the one who always finds unique formulas to face reality? Is that you? Congratulations! You are on our team. You are a rebel.  

What does it mean to be a rebel for us? It means to challenge ourselves, non-stop, because we are sure there is always a better way to achieve our goals. We are free spirits, creative, visionaries… We know where we want to go, and how to get there since the beginning.

This rebel reminds us so much of José Manuel Vega, the one that started the fire. That non-conformist disruptive soul is the one we wished to show. Of course, it may look good on a shop window, it could have stayed there, but we wanted more. A foreign idea, completely rejected in this country was what moved us. The rebel dared, and we dare still today.

By rewinding and coming back to what Lexington was born to be, we’ll recover our original #RebelDNA. At the end of the day, our essence was what made us a ground-breaking company. Of course, we want it back!

▷ Our philosophy and branding #RebelDNA

But what is it, the #RebelDNA? What does it mean for us? This new state of mind and our new image, what do they actually represent?

  • #RebelDNA is who we are: the soul of a perfect hostess, close to our clients and committed to the society, to the environment. Above all, to you.
  • #RebelDNA is what we do: we connect creative and brave individuals, rebels like us, in what we call the territory of the exceptional. We can always go further, and further we’ll fight to go.
  • #RebelDNA is how we look: it’s our new image (let’s call it the rebel look), our stand-out element, the one capable of conveying our values perfectly. Hence, new logo and new colours coming your way! This new haircut brings us even closer to the rebel, don’t you think?

If we wanted to highlight our favourite colour, the one we see ourselves in 100%, that would be the rebel red, no hesitation! Because we are defiant, but elegant and honest, what combines perfectly with our white. Oh, and we’ll never forget our light gold shades, as they echo the premium spirit of our spaces. The perfect match to our indigo, isn’t it? Elegant, empowering… we are here for the aesthetic!

colores marca lexington

However, the icing on the cake, the pinnacle of our renovation couldn’t be anything else than our new logo! We were beyond excited to show it to you! We find ourselves so much in it… and it speaks for itself! A personalised piece of art, where each letter represents a vital aspect of our #RebelDNA in Lexington.

The #RebelDNA is who we are, is what we do and how we look! It means finding exceptional people in the most unexpected of places

Finally, welcome to the new Lexington, the one who always has been, embracing every bit of its essence. Welcome to the place for non-conformists, for those who won’t settle only for good, but want at least exceptional!

Welcome, glad to see (us) again!


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