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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

If you are an entrepreneur and have set up your own business, you will already know that the road to success is not easy at all. However, seeing that your business project has become a reality and is on the track you really wanted is a matter of pride.

Imagine now that this business idea has been running for a considerable time and needs to be expanded and to chase new and ambitious objectives, how can you achieve it? Take always into account that the top priority of a “star-up company” must be working to achieve the viability of its business model and develop a complete and scalable Business Plan which lets it have a well-defined strategic guide.

A start-up is the perfect environment to learn how the business world works and keep moving forward to a solid business model with growth perspectives

From Lexington we give you the following tips to make it comes true and to pursue your objectives as a business leader:

1. Don’t be afraid, externalize

If you had not needed anyone else to handle all the tasks until the present moment, consolidating your start-up will require the recruitment of new staff and the increase of bureaucracy duties. In order to have everything updated, hire expert people to help you: A (Tax and Labour) consultancy to undertake all the proceedings, a Human Resources Company to make the selection processes and, if your budget allows, a marketing agency to optimise your conversions.

2. Get new funding sources

When the own resources and the seed capital achieved are not enough anymore to undertake the necessary investments, the opening to new funding sources is essential. Being helped for private investors of venture capital can give you the push you are looking for, as the figures that you can achieve begin to be significantly high.

3. Make a better workspace

Once you have all these aspects controlled, it is time to choose an office which adapts to the needs and rhythms of your company. In Lexington, we offer flexible workspaces, full of personality and located in Premium and inspirational areas, where the design and leading technology are essential.

4. Update your business knowledge

If you have set up a start-up, you may have learned a lot about the business world, but to be at the forefront of a SME you must gain and update your business knowledge through online courses, conferences and, mostly, through other entrepreneurs’s experiences, who will have been through your same circumstances.

“Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly”,Robert F. Kennedy


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