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In the business world, leadership is a necessary and vital skill. But, what makes a CEO become a leader? In today’s post we have the cooperation of four most important entrepreneurs of the current picture: Núria Vilanova, Marc Noguera, Raquel Roca and Felix Lopez, who offer us, from their professional experience, their more useful tips to achieve leadership and manage it successfully.

“The new leadership is digital”, says Núria Vilanova, president of ATREVIA. According to Nuria, Internet and social networks have marked a before and after in the communication on how to exercise leadership, creating a communication that is becoming more horizontal and less vertical.

The online leadership is part of the brand and is an indispensable process in its identity and, therefore, corporate leaders shall also be leaders in digital communication

Today communication is more immediate, transparent and has more influence on the brands. Therefore, in her opinion, a manager may only become a leader if he or she is in the social networks, getting involved in projects, looking for the most innovative trends and making active listening. Thus, it is essential that new leaders are digital and are in the environment in a proactively manner: “Know and understand who and how is on the network is essential to influence, build partnerships, aligning our teams around common objectives and promote a genuine connection of the brand with the public”.

In short, a good leader shall be an excellent online strategist, because the “online leadership is part of the brand and is an indispensable process in its identity. Therefore, corporate leaders must also be leaders in digital communication.”

Marc Noguera, creator of Founders&Tips, is clear: “the key is team, team and team”. In a world where almost all businesses are global and markets are more competitive, it is very difficult to be the best without having a good team. In his experience, this could be achieved by working 5 basis points:

  • Humility: to recognize that there are better people than us in certain areas, and that those people are necessary for business success.
  • Listen: others opinions and points of view different from ours.
  • Teamwork: knowing how to share tasks, delegate and accept the others decisions and mistakes.
  • Communication: so that the whole team share a common vision and goal.
  • Fun: the team’s work shall be excited and a fun challenge.

The author of “Knowmads. The future workers“, Raquel Roca, says that “the future leader is always searching, learning new things, trying to innovate and improve processes; optimize productivity from the flexibility and creativity”. For Raquel, the survival and success of the company passes necessarily through the implementation of a correct Social Business Plan, drawn on the ability to anticipate, to make active listening and add creation and development of projects, putting at the center of all that ecosystem to human and empathizing with him. What she calls “transformational leadership exercise”, which could be summed up, according to his book, these four components, known as “The 4 I’s”:

  • Idealized Influence: the leader serves as an ideal model for workers conduct; the leader does what he or she says and is admired for it.
  • Inspired Motivation: the leader has the ability to inspire and motivate followers. The combination of these first two factors is what constitutes his or her charisma.
  • Individual Consideration: the leader shows genuine concern for the needs and feelings of workers. This personal attention is a key element for workers to give all their efforts.
  • Intellectual Stimulation: the leader challenges workers to be innovative and creative.

The leader of the future is always searching, learning new things, trying to innovate and improve processes; optimize productivity from the flexibility and creativity.

For Felix Lopez, founder and CEO of Connecting Companies, leadership is a skill that is acquired over time. For him, it is essential to be a good professional and stand out on the team you work with, sharing experiences, learning with your colleagues and gaining their trust.

Being in charge of a company, Felix says, is first of all necessary “to know at 100% your team, their abilities, their needs and personal goals” and “make them participate in a common project”. A good leader knows how to motivate the team, reward, put achievable challenges, continuous training, team building sessions, celebrate successes, etc. If you know how to do all these matters, your team will follow you wherever you go.

A leader has to know the team and give them autonomy, trust and continued support to make them grow professionally.

From Lexington Business Centers we greatly appreciate these four most important influencers of the current picture their cooperation providing our readers their vision and best advice on business leadership.


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