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Do you need a guide to know how to draw up an action plan for a company? It is clear that defining and studying business ideas is completely right and business plans are more present in every company which wants to build a succesflul way. Now, it is time to study each project individually and implement action plans that enable a more detailed definition of the processes.

“An action plan is the step prior to the implementation of a project”

Tidying and planning the projects of a company helps to reach its goals and, without doubts, a good action plan is the step prior to success.

5 steps to draw up a good action plan

A successful action plan must be drawn up in team to integrate all the departments in the busienss strategy. These are the main 5 points which must be considered:

1. Set the goal

As in every plan, setting the goal in the best way possible is the right starting point. So, if you want to draw up a good sucessful plan that leads your project to the top, make every effort to focus the attention on what really matters. Moreover, if there are several people drawing up the plan, it will be easier to rule their work if the goal is well defined.

2. Choose the leader

From the moment the goal is defined, it is much easier to choose the department or employee who will be in charge of the project. A good business leader knows the strenghts and the weaknesses of its team and know the challenges they are able to meet.

3. Estimate the time

You already know the goal of the project and the people who will be in charge. The next necessary step if you want to know how to draw up a business plan is to set up the right starting point for the activity and the ideal moment to close the project. On this point it is important that the Human Resources department provides information about possible absences of the employees working on it or about the non-working days which may affect deadlines.


4. Estimate the resources needed

If you multiply the people involved on the project by the desired time taken to finish it, as a result, you will get the resources the company should allocate to reach the goal. Besides, it is important to consider if the project requires extra staff and the purchase of any equipment or programme which involves an increase of the economic resources.

 5. Communicate

One of the most important parts of a company is its communication, both internal and external, so in order to close an action plan successfully it is important to choose which employees are going to be informed and how they are going to get that information.

 These 5 steps will give you the answer about how to draw up a good action plan for a company. Now, analyse your business in the best way possible and implement the necessary changes to succeed in all your projects.

Proper Planning and Preparation Prevent Piss-Poor Performance

John Lanchester


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