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Being able to make possible and to carry out a business idea is not always an easy task. The complications and the risk of failure increases if it is an odd business (those you have to see in order to believe).  However, this doesn’t mean that once they have seen the light won’t be well received by users or won’t be profitable.

The oddest business ideas can also find a niche in the market and be very profitable

This unconventional business emerges from the detection of market niches in very different growing sectors as: e-commerce, transport, tourism, environment, education, among many others.  From Lexington we have collected some of the most odd ideas that have allowed their creators to reach business success…Here they go!:

Bizarre but effective: business ideas you wish you could have come up with yourself.

As usual, before any success or profitability may come your way, a brain storming process should have taken place, shouldn’t it? This procedure is no piece of cake, and that is why our knowledge on how to develop a profitable and pioneering idea is a must. So, right after this approach, let’s conquer the market with our weird but worthwhile company!

1. IamElemental: Action figures for girls

These are the first super heroes girls figures designed specifically for girls, a business model that erases gender stereotypes.

2. The Something Store:  Buy and…you will receive something.

It is an online store that sells everything for 10€, and where you know how much you are paying but not what you are paying for.  So, if you don’t know what to buy for a gift, let The Something Store choose for you.

3. In need of a friend? Rent a friend with Rent-A-Friend!

An idea coming from the United States of America allows you to rent a friend on their website, hourly-paid. Let’s imagine that you live in a country far far away from your family and loved-ones… Sometimes, having company is essential; and in those occasions, thanks to Rent-A-Friend, you will have a shoulder to cry on. Only, not for free!

4. Booster Fuels: The itinerant gas station

How much money would you save without the need of driving always to the gas station?  Booster Fuels is a business company that offers itinerant gas station service that fills the deposit of your car while you devote yourself to other things.

5. Citibox: always home for your deliveries

Finally, after all this time you will be able to stay away from home without opening the track app every minute to check where your order is. Citibox provides an intelligent mailbox placed at your house to free you of any worries. The delivery guy would leave your package in the mailbox for you to pick up anytime you want.

6. Flypotographer:  A photographer in charge of all the memories of your trips

Could you imagine getting nice memories of your trips without taking any pictures? With Flyphotographer this is possible, because this company offers a professional photographer that portraits you on holydays.

7. Throx: for those always looking for the missing sock

Who hasn’t ever lost a sock, leaving its pair an orphan with no use? Throx will allow you to give a new life to that pair of socks. A sock company that has found a way to stand out: they sell pairs of three socks each! Sometimes, the simpler, the cooler.

8. Terracycle: the most useful butts ever made

This company has completely revolutionized the recycling idea by giving a second life to those cigarette butts always left behind, used now to create new objects. Such groundbreaking concept is based on working with materials which are harder to recycle, as cigarette butts indeed are.

9. BoxCycle: Because boxes can also have a second use.

E-commerce’s consolidation is promoting the rise of many packaging companies.  However, Boxcycle has a characteristic that makes it unique, because sells any type of used second hand boxes

10. Excused Absence Network or…how to hire someone to make up excuses for you

This company has generated millions of dollars by selling excuses to employees and students so they can prove their absences.

These are some of the business which started off as weird and bizarre ideas, but that have ended up carving its way into the market, becoming after all very profitable companies. Sometimes it’s better to take risks instead of leaving the idea for impossible, don’t you think? So, work and overcome your fear of failure and reach the success you deserve in business!

Oh, and last but not least, it is also important to have a flexible space to make a reality out of your idea and to see it grow; an space able to keep up with your company, because it’s almost mandatory in those early stages of the development.

“An entrepreneur sees opportunities where others only see problems”

Michel Gerbe


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