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No one decides whether a business idea is good or bad. It may be thousands of different opinions about the same idea, and it does not make it better. Eventually, only time will decide if that new business will be successful.

Nevertheless, there are a number of useful tips you may use to find an innovative and profitable business idea:

  • As you will be a lot of hours developing your products or services…think in something you like and you are good at. There are people good at new technologies…perhaps you may create a new app that fixes some daily concerns. Are you good at sewing? Go ahead. The important thing is that the thing you do, you do it right.
  • Perform market research about whether or not there is something similar. In any case, it may be helpful to obtain new ideas you can apply in your own business. Just, what is known as a brainstorming.
  • Make sure that the thing you create covers the needs of the costumers. This is one of the keys so that your business may be profitable; otherwise, if the thing you sell does not evoke much interest, no one will buy it. It is that simple.
  • The more revolutionary, original and innovative the idea is…the more risky may be invest in it. But it is known that no guts, no glory! If it works, original businesses are the more profitable.
  • Create your idea and defend it to the hilt. Self-confidence is, very often, what is needed to success, even more if you have to convince a group of investors to promote your business idea.
  • Once you have your products or services ready, disseminate them widely through the media. Create your own website where you can show all the products and news, with a blog sharing your experiences. Social networks are nowadays the media par excellence, so you cannot be absent from them. Every communication is necessary…think that the more people you reach, the more likely your business will be profitable.

If you still have questions, look at the beginnings of some of the biggest companies ever. Jeff Brezos left his Vice-chairman position of an important investment group of New York, to start from his own garage what later became Amazon; Mark Zuckerberg set up Facebook from his College room of Harvard, converting a simple idea created for fun in the most important social network of the world; and Javi and Angi created, from their illusion, passion for graphic design and their desire to be different, the famous Mr. Wonderful.

Thus, if you are passionate about something, you think it can be a good business idea, and you follow these suggestions, go for it! And forget the fear of failure; A lot of big entrepreneur have emerged from past business failures, among others, Steve Jobs.

“’If you can dream it, you can do it” Walt Disney


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