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One of the top viral songs at the moment is already telling you: it’s about damn time! It’s been months since that business idea has been wandering in your mind? You cannot wait to bring it to life and leave that routine that slows you down every day? Do you want to be your own boss once and for all?

With the summertime around the corner, creativity, motivation and energy are at their peak. That’s why today is the perfect occasion to sing out loud it’s about damn time! and share with you the keys to take the plunge and to become the boss you’ve always wanted to have!  

What does it mean to be your own boss?

Even though the talent market in Spain is currently going through a great phase and the best candidates are moving along, job hunting is always a long a tedious process and, in many occasions, it could even drain us out. That’s why more and more young (and not so young) people get out and start a new business, one that’s been gathering dust for years in a drawer.

Being your own boss means not settling for the preestablished, blurring the lines and draw them again your own way. It means fighting for the terms, priorities, values and brand image that you believe in. So, think of it this way: would you hire yourself to run this new business project? Yes? Then it’s time to step out and to become your own boss!

How to become your own boss?

There is no infallible recipe to become an entrepreneur, and we are afraid this activity is as uncertain as a dreary job is discouraging. If you finally made up your mind and you truly believe in your project’s success, here you’ll find some essentials so that possible doubt won’t keep you awake all night:

All in, but not at once!

Your commitment to this new company is essential, but we wouldn’t recommend you to invest all your savings on that first round. Quitting your job, although it sounds tempting (we are positive you cannot wait to start this new adventure), may not be the best idea. Our little piece of advice? The greatest things take time!

And you should too! Write a detailed financial plan (here you’ll find a basic guide we drew a few months ago) and study deeply whether this new business is viable or not, look for investors or grants… those will help you a lot! Although your main goal is becoming your own boss, do not quit your job until your savings equal or surpass at least 8 / 10 months’ worth of your current salary, just in case.

Business and love don’t get along

Surround yourself with a team and look for a business partner, both of them truly engaged with the project and its projection. It’s not unusual to seek support in our family or closest friends, but their role in our lives do not qualify them (not always, at least) as the best partners in crime. Get out there and look for the best business partner there is for your business.

Be realistic, you won’t be out of the office at 5 p.m.!

Motivation and dedication are two of the most important features of an entrepreneur, but becoming your own boss is far from ideal even though it might look like it. During the first months (or even years), you’ll have actively stay positive and down-to-earth, because your workdays won’t start at 9 a.m. nor finish at 5 p.m., and maybe you won’t be able to have your coffee break at 11 a.m. sharp! Having a flexible attitude is vital and, if you find it hard to take your mind off things, go and read now our latest post on how to escape from the work routine… it’ll save lives!

You’ll see that, even though hours are eternal, you’ll enjoy so much watching your idea grow!

Bring your commercial side out!

Every good entrepreneur needs to bring their most commercial side out to play, and if you want to become your own boss in the long run, this skill needs to be as powerful as it gets. If your commercial profile is not as developed as you’d want it to be, or maybe your lacking experience on the field (maybe creativity or administration are your thing), it’s time to invest your time and efforts on it! Believing in your idea’s potential will give you the essential keys to sell it well, but some practice won’t do any harm and it will make your project irresistible to the hardest of investors!

What are the benefits of becoming your own boss?

Many good things will come your way if you decide to became your own boss. Not all of them, but a good portion nonetheless!

Being practical, flexibility and family reconciliation are some of the main benefits that those potential CEOs are looking for. Besides all the things you learn and the experience you’ll acquire will never be taught at school or collected in any manual.

Undoubtedly, the motivation that characterizes the entrepreneur is also a benefit itself. Becoming your own boss means that you’ll be working in something you love, nobody would say no to that, right? You’ll definitely spend more hours at the office, but you’ll make them count!

Besides, you’ll be able to put your money and trust on a team you created from scratch. Feeling supported by a workforce that is committed with your product or service, motivated and focusing their career on your project must be a feeling hard to get past.

What are the disadvantages of being your own boss?

Of course, not everything is pink coloured, nobody said it was easy! Working on your own and becoming your boss will probably add pressure to your shoulders in many occasions, way more than a nine-to-five job ever would.

Before arriving to the point of no return in this new mindset, you’ll have to take risks and face inevitable consequences, besides developing your organization skills and perspective so you can have everything (taxes and paperwork for instance) under control. Maybe hiring a legal advice team during the first steps of your new project is not a crazy idea! Leaning on professionals will sure make everything go smooth! It’s actually the same as leaning on workspaces professionals as Lexington and having a business address in the best spots in the city to connect with thousands of potential partners, clients and suppliers. Making good decisions is no disadvantage, but it is a responsibility 100% up to you. Get in touch with us for + info:

Keys to become your own boss

We know it might be overwhelming, but the path towards becoming your own boss goes uphill! Nevertheless, we have some extra tips for you. Keep them close for the bad moments!

Ignore the impostor, it’s not you!

One of the evillest villains in this movie is the impostor syndrome. It’s quite likely that you suffer from it already, but only its soft version. If you make up your mind on becoming your own boss and start this new business you had in mind, it’s positive you’ll experience something similar eventually. But the power to fight it is in you, to fight your insecurities and that «this goes nowhere, I think I’ll drop it…». Do not listen!

Don’t be afraid of trial-error

When you become your own boss, you’ll gain lots of experiences, but sadly you’ll lose the guide figure you’ve always followed. You’ll now be the first link of the chain, so trying out new things, taking risks and making mistakes are good things, part of your future success! Unhappy customers, failed campaigns and hard challenges are the best source of knowledge.

 Your company will become your wife, kids and pet

It’s true that becoming your own boss will give you the flexibility and family reconciliation you were looking for, but getting your mind off work will be harder than ever! You’ll have to be accessible 24/7, with little holidays and so many decisions to make that you’ll end up taking your company home every day. That’s why the capacity to delegate and the talent you add to your company will be the most important resources in your business: gather a team you trust in, committed to the brand and capable of self-manage. It may be difficult at first, but by creating efficient teams, finding that balance will be piece of cake!

Best business ideas to became your own boss

Yeah, but, what if I want to became my own boss but I don’t have this fancy business idea? Don’t you worry! Back at the beginning of the year, we wrote this article on the 5 most profitable business ideas for this 2022. Original and top necessary… we are crying out for them! Let us list them briefly and, if any of them calls your attention, you can read the whole thing and get inspired!

  1. Logistics and transport
  2. Modular and flexible furniture
  3. Content creation and branding for small business
  4. Remote IT support
  5. Sustainable vintage fashion

Did you just find your one true calling among these? Are you excited already to become your own boss as soon as possible? We hope we could push you towards making your dreams come true! Start a revolution in your field, we cannot wait to see it!

“I have not failed 10,000 times—I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

 Thomas Edison


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