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Nuestra mayor aspiración es poder ayudarte y ofrecerte el espacio que más se adecue a tus necesidades.

Times change and companies need meet brand new necessities. That is why, for a few years now, flexible offices are present in almost every business atmosphere.

Here in Lexington, as we always go for flexible workspaces, we would like to show you why this trend has come to stay and which features we must take into account for a perfect flexible office.

 “Flexible offices are those with the best adjustment capacity of all, following your business’ pace of work and its specific needs”

What’s the exact meaning of flexible workspaces?

Flexible offices are able to provide a better adaptability to meet your business’ needs and its pace of work, because each company has its own demands and experiences different situations. This kind of workspaces are characterized by, as its name suggests, a higher level of flexibility when it comes to its location, size, contract period and included services.

Welcome home, flexible offices: extra motivation to your employees!

Flexible offices have been around for quite some time now, especially when thinking about the headquarters of those big multinational companies. Right now, this trend has settled among companies of all sizes!

Due to the wide range of benefits that flexible offices provide to both team leaders and employees, this model has become a total revolution. So much that flexible offices have spread their wings on very different professional areas and environments, changing the preconceived idea of traditional workspaces.

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How does a flexible office look? 5 key concepts!

Traditional workspaces are obsolete. New generations of employees, freelancers and entrepreneurs are currently demanding less static and strict spaces, in favour of more social, free and interconnected workspaces. These new areas will give you the best of both worlds: you will have access to all the physical office services while enjoying the freedom of working on your own.

Let us show you three key concepts that are a total must, undoubtedly essential for the success of the flexible offices.

Enabling environments: keep growing while maintaining your essence!

Companies will be able to have their own space, completely customised, depending on their current and new necessities regarding both contract issues and reconfiguration of teams. Say goodbye to those commitments of permanence that never seem to end! Not only that, but these spaces will also adapt to your business growth from the very first moment, following you along the way and growing alongside your company and your staff. All of it with no initial investment, all services included and tons of common resources with no additional costc… advantages are outstanding!

“A flexible office looks professional and feels creative for those working in it”

Efficient technological spaces: welcome to the future!

Offices nowadays are hyperconnected! The Internet connection reaches every single corner in the office so every worker can choose if they want to work on a desktop computer inside the office or out at the common areas with a laptop while having a nice cup of coffee. Also, energy efficiency is constantly present in our workspaces: automatic lights through motion, taps with movement sensors, energy saving in electronic devices and the use of consistent standards in air conditioning.

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Active spaces: give a boost to your business!

Common spaces are, no doubt, essential. That is why workers at flexible offices can take the traditional coffee breaks, but they also have common areas where to connect with other ‘tenants’ through formative activities about networking or personal and professional well-being, which will give them extra motivation. These spaces are a must among flexible offices for sure!

In Lexington, we always give priority to this kind of environments because of the benefits they offer, so you can find premium spaces like these among all of our workspaces, exclusively designed and, of course, with every guarantee given by the #SafeReturToLexington plan.

Fun spaces: brainstorming assured!

Alongside break areas, flexible offices are now introducing a new special feature: cosy sofas, foosball, ping-pong and pool tables are invading traditional workspaces to promote interaction and team-spirit!
For example, in our La Moraleja business centre, you can find a special room with all the necessary to blow off some steam and rediscover inspiration.

Beautiful spaces: design does matter!

Office walls have traditionally come in white, nude and pastel tones, but flexible offices have shaken up the whole aesthetic, so now it’s usual to find vivid and strong colours, unique pieces of furniture and avant-garde decoration. This new look gives a boost to the energy flow and it encourages productivity.


Flexibility equals to a better adjustment capacity

Because of the Coronavirus crisis, we have seen how quite a few companies have seen their workspace relocated at their own homes. Teleworking has become key to survival. We are now witnesses of brand new ways of working beginning to emerge, all with a shared central point: flexibility and adjustment capacity. That is precisely what flexible offices are about and the main reason they are our best ally after all the uncertainty brought by this situation, capable of controlling the impact and minimising our investment risk.

Society is evolving, so are our jobs and ways of working, and workspaces are just getting adjusted to these new methods that contemporary workers are requesting. Lexington invites you to the perfect spot where you can work with all flexibility. If you feel like giving your business a new direction, don’t be a stranger! Contact us! We have all you need to boost your brand.

“The race for quality has no finish line.”

 Robert Kearns


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