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Flexible offices have become popular in our country over the past few years, prior to this it was easier to find this type of office in bigger multinationals. However, it has been this year where it has become a standard for any company regardless of their size. Medium and small companies are joining this model since is another way to acquire additional income.

“The flexible office must look professional, be profitable and provide a creative environment for customers”

Classic workspaces have become obsolete. The new generations of workers, entrepreneurs and self-employed demand less rigid and static areas and more social, free and connected environments. Moreover, they demand coworking spaces where you can enjoy all the new services of the physical office and freedom to work on your own. These are the kind of services we offer in Lexington.

  These are the keys of success for flexible offices:

 FACILITATING SPACES Flexible offices allow companies of any size to have a space fully adapted to their needs, both at the level of recruitment and configuration. Furthermore, this type of work environments is adapted to the demands of growth, being able to start with a small number of employees and expand accord with their needs. Finally, we can add the use of common areas, meeting rooms and more. This makes a big difference for the customer.TECHNOLOGICAL AND EFFICIENT SPACES  Nowadays offices are hyperconnected, the internet reaches any corner of the office offering a lot freedom to work from a desk or from a social space with a laptop while enjoying a hot coffee.Energy efficiency is a big change in workspaces: automatic lights that turn on and off depending on the movement, sink sensors, energy savings in electronic devices and smart air conditioning systems.THINKING ABOUT SPACECommon spaces have become essential. Consequently, flexible offices not only have spaces for coffee breaks, but also new areas where workers can connect with the rest of the “tenants” through training, networking or wellness activities. These areas have become a must of the flexible offices. In Lexington we have prioritized these areas for the benefits they bring to our customers. FUN SPACESIn addition of common spaces, the flexible offices are offering a differential bonus to their employees. Sofas, football tables, ping-pong or billiards are breaking into work spaces to promote interaction. It has been shown that playing at work benefits creativity and productivity. At Lexington we have considered this, and we have enabled a “fun room” in our La Moraleja Business Centre. This room has everything you need to escape from work and recover inspiration.ATRACTIVE SPACESTraditionally the offices were painted in white, creams or pastel tones but flexible offices have also revolutionized aesthetics and it is easy to find more colourful and vibrant tones, contrasting with more traditional ones. This new aesthetic brings energy to the environment and, it is said, generates greater productivity.

Society evolves and with that the way people way of working also changes, thus the spaces designed to work are adjusting to these new methods demanded by workers. In Lexington we have the perfect spaces in which to work and feel that inspiration invades you and creativity flows.

“The race for quality has no finish line.”

 Robert Kearns

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