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Remote working allows employees to spend less time on those routine tasks such as travelling back and forth and looking for an available parking spot, thus better combining work commitments with their family life.

In these last few days, given the situation we are living caused by COVID-19, teleworking has become the easiest and more profitable way of working for both entrepreneurs and their employees so as to provide continuity to every project and to ensure every task.

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Create your own home office

Efficient teleworking requires a calm and quite space to promote the concentration and perspective we need. Working from home means a bigger exposure to various distractions; that is why it is time to opt for establishing your home office in a separated room if possible, within the house.

Choose the most peaceful room or space in your house, with a lot of natural light. If you cannot settle your office in a separated area, try at least to avoid the most frequented zones of the house. You must keep yourself far away from any TV set, music player or any other appliance that may cause distraction. In terms of style and furnishing, your comfort is key. You can create a nice but practical and functional place at the same time. Don’t forget, your main goal in your home office is being able to work as efficiently as possible, without distraction.

Remote work team – for work use only!

The best way to safeguard and protect the confidential information you are working with every day is limiting the use of your equipment for professional purposes only.

Once you are done with your working hours, we definitely recommend you turn off your computer or any other device you are using and get a different one for your personal endeavours such as online shopping, bank transactions, appointments, travelling queries like buying plane tickets, downloading movies, music, books…

Secure connections – protect corporate information!

It is important to take all possible security measures while teleworking in order to avoid hacker attacks or any information to be lost. You must consider the recommendations we will be listing down below to protect your corporate information:

  • Make sure your computer and other devices have an updated operating system and all the needed security tools previously installed. Protection is essential for your business devices; use prevention software that includes antivirus, web filters, firewalls, encrypted devices and so on.
  • Remember coding every device that holds confidential and valuable information for your company. This includes USB sticks, mobile phones, tablets and laptops.
  • Avoid generating inappropriate traffic, as well as downloading unknown files in order to keep your equipment safe.
  • Take your time and think thoroughly your passwords, because they are the first line of defence against hackers. We recommend choosing one with at least ten digits, combining uppercase and lowercase letter with numbers.
  • Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access corporate resources in a safe way. In order to access this VPN, every user must go through different passwords so an encoded channel between the specific device and the remote network is constructed. Therefore, the data exchange is now protected.
  • Make sure you are following the security rules in your company, who is the one who ultimately determines each of your obligations and responsibilities; check you are only running those you are allowed or have permission to.


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