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Teleworking  is emerging as a new way of thinking about employment which is beneficial both for employees and for companies. The first group has more schedule flexibility for reconciling work and family life, and because of this, companies can get better productivity levels.

Teleworking  is emerging as a new way of thinking of employment which is beneficial both for employees and companies

If you are one of those who work at home, you will already know that the difficulty for separating professional and personal issues, lack of concentration and distractions are some of its inconvenients. So, if you want to avoid all this and improve your performance, pay attention to this tips we give you, take note!

 1.  Choose a workplace

Establish your workplace in an optimal area: good ventilation, light and temperature and,  above all, free of distractions. So, take advantage of the fact of being at home to create a completely comfortable atmosphere.

2. Establish routines

One of the main problems of teleworking and its flexibility is getting distracted as you do not have anyone controlling you. To prevent this, you must stick to a schedule with little routines: get up always at the same time, establish a time for lunch and divide your working day with short breaks.

3. Planning: your best ally

Make a daily list (before ending your working day) with the duties for the following one and set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Every morning, you will have to ensure you establish the  length of each duty and try to meet this list. Mobile Apps will help you to manage your work in an efficient way.

4. Start your day with the heaviest tasks

When you are about to start working, do it with the heaviest and most important tasks, as they demand more time and urgency and the first hours of the morning are usually the most productive ones.

5. Keep in touch with the company

Despite working remotely, you must keep in touch with the enterprise and make appointments from time to time through videoconferences.

6. Learn to disconnect: Don’t get addicted to work

Escaping from time to time is also important for productivity in teleworking, because of that, having little moments of disconnection during the day and taking a vacation from time to time is essential.

Regarding teleworking, in Lexington we offer a Virtual Office service which lets SMEs, branches, delegations, multinationals, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and all of those who prefer working from home, have the best business address in Barcelona and Madrid with no need of renting a conventional office, also providing you with meeting rooms for those moments when you have to meet your clients or suppliers.

“The most productive work is that which comes from the hands of a happy person”.

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