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The open space offices are the ideal work space for boosting productivity and linking with new strategies and agile methodologies. The traditional concept of a proper working space that evolves around corporate offices is obsolete now as we have addressed many times before. However, the current situation is provoking that those open spaces are now fit for less people so as we can ensure social distancing as recommended for everyone’s safety.

Let us tell you a bit more about open space offices and how can they benefit your company and your team. Let’s go!

What do the open space offices refer to?

When talking about open space offices, reference is made to a trend of architecture and interior design applied to the professional field. In this model, the key is to create an open space where all those involved in an organization converge, generating a healthy and innovative work environment. As a result of the open space trend, new ways of understanding routines in the work environment are born, where employees play a fundamental role. More and more companies are looking to create spaces for their workers to enjoy during their rest time in the same office, increasing their attention and wellbeing during their working day.

What are the benefits of open space offices?

All new trends in interior design have their advantages, since they are designed to adapt to the new demands of society. That is why through the open space offices we get:

Break with traditional hierarchies

For some time now, we have been studying how the idea of working is changing, and how working from home has come to stay and to break with the rigid and pyramid shaped idea of a company. That is why this linear organization fits perfectly within these open space offices, because it improves every worker’s inclusion within the team, making them feel like they belong.

Optimize spaces

The functionality of the work environment increases with the open space offices, since useful space is gained after eliminating the typical walls that separate the different departments of the same company. In this way, we give amplitude to the environment, we bring light and, above all, we generate a cleaner feeling.

Offices open space: amplitude of the environment, natural light and a cleaner appearance of the environment

↠ Collaboration between teams

If a person is capable of having a good idea, several people can achieve to raise it to the maximum power. Even better, if that group of people correspond to different departments or work environments that provide complementary views. By this, the open space offices contribute to teamwork and provide greater fluidity among employees when it comes to brainstorming.

Open space offices improve productivity and teamwork


The open space offices help the socialization of employees, generating a healthier and more friendly work environment. A company where workers can carry out their tasks in affective and real environments favors the achievement of their tasks.

↠ Business impact

What’s more, this kind of offices project their benefits directly onto your business’ impact, because it shows added value when looking for an ideal workspace, specially thought for the team’s wellbeing.

Our open space offices

In Lexington, we know society never stops progressing, and even more during this past challenging year we’ve had. Our daily goal is to create working experiences that match all you and your team’s requirements. That is why you can find relaxing, casual and creative common areas in our coworking centres.

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In Lexington, we believe in flexible and avant-garde spaces that only strengthen your company. So, if you are looking for a workplace that adds to your team, design-focused and always paying attention to your team’s safety and comfort, get in touch! We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

“Do not look at the clock, do what he does. Keep moving.”

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