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The open space offices are the ideal work space for boosting productivity and linking with new strategies and agile methodologies. How do they do that? Let’s find out!

What do the open space offices refer to?

When talking about open space offices, reference is made to a trend of architecture and interior design applied to the professional field. In this model, the key is to create an open space where all those involved in an organization converge, generating a healthy and innovative work environment.As a result of the open space trend, new ways of understanding routines in the work environment are born, where employees play a fundamental role. More and more companies are looking to create spaces for their workers to enjoy during their rest time in the same office, increasing their attention and commitment to the project.Related to this we highlight the common areas of the new 8th floor of our workspace Castellana-Azca: prepared areas for relaxing moments for employees as well as for working and having meetings in a relaxed way. Offices of the future ready for the new generation of talents.Betting on workspaces that offer spaces for leisure at work, such as the Fun Room of the workspace La moraleja, is betting on workspaces that inspire, enhance creativity and increase the productivity of workers. In addition, this type of open space office directly influences the projection of a company, since it shows an added value when looking for the creation of an optimal workplace and that pays special attention to the welfare of its employees.


What are the benefits of open space offices?

All new trends in interior design have their advantages, since they are designed to adapt to the new demands of society. That is why through the open space offices we get:

Break with traditional hierarchies

For some time now we have seen how the way of understanding work has changed, breaking with a past trend of corseted company with a very defined pyramidal structure. Giving way to a more linear layout, where open space offices have found their maximum, since they favor the integration of all employees and promote the feeling of belonging.

Optimize spaces

The functionality of the work environment increases with the open space offices, since useful space is gained after eliminating the typical walls that separate the different departments of the same company. In this way, we give amplitude to the environment, we bring light and, above all, we generate a cleaner feeling.

Offices open space: amplitude of the environment, natural light and a cleaner appearance of the environment

Collaboration between teams

If a person is capable of having a good idea, several people can achieve to raise it to the maximum power. Even better, if that group of people correspond to different departments or work environments that provide complementary views. By this, the open space offices contribute to teamwork and provide greater fluidity among employees when it comes to brainstorming.

Open space offices contribute to teamwork


The open space offices help the socialization of employees, generating a healthier and more friendly work environment. A company where workers can carry out their tasks in affective and real environments favors the achievement of their tasks.oficinas open space 3In Lexington we offer flexible and innovative spaces adaptable to the rhythms of each company. Therefore, if you want to offer your team a place of work that provides added value and where special attention is paid to the creation of harmonious, comfortable and pleasant spaces, you can contact us and inform yourself.

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