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You can never learn too much and, as an entrepreneur, you should be very aware of this in your day to day. Every initiative, every mistake, every success should be turned into a way of propelling your business, because not only your aptitude make you succeed, your attitude is everything!It is also interesting to exchange opinions with other professionals and listen to their life experiences to keep learning, and of course: you should read. Reading a lot and varying will give you the opportunity to enrich your knowledge and cultivate your thinking. So, do not miss this list of the 7 best books for entrepreneurs that we recommend in this article. Make more room in your library and save space for these, we give you a book for each day of the week. Take note!

Monday: ´Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship´

This book is a bestseller for entrepreneurs, as it treats a crucial aspect in the day to day life of an entrepreneur: uncertainty. You are very convinced of your idea and think that it is unique, but not knowing what will happen tomorrow can discourage you. Therefore, this book by Fernando Trías de Bes is a key piece to help you always keep the illusion alive. In its pages you will learn how to manage difficult situations that may occur, such as the relationship with the potential partners, the growth of the company or the identification of a failing situation.

Tuesday: ´Switch´

The environment of an entrepreneur is always changing and knowing how to deal with this is vital. Leaving your comfort zone and to be willing to break free from your routine is something that you inevitably face when you decide to become an entrepreneur. That´s why the book “Switch”, from psychologist brothers Chip y Dan Heath, explains how to fully tackle the fear you will face during this change. Without a doubt a piece of work that cannot be missed off from the list of the best books for entrepreneurs.

Wednesday: ‘Lean Startup’

Eric Ries tackles in this book something which is obligatory for any entrepreneur, the launch of new products and services. To do this, the author encourages us to reflect on acquired learning and a scientific base to obtain a starting point and feedback. In this sense, the work is crucial for entrepreneurs because it takes into account the role that uncertainty plays in making decisions when creating a product that is interesting for the public.

Thursday: ‘Dealing with Darwin´

When you decide to become an entrepreneur, innovation is present in every action you carry out. For this reason, this book about entrepreneurship will be a key pillar in your action plan. The author, Geoffrey Moore, uses Darwin theory and compares it to the business world, in both scenarios only those who know how to adapt to the changes in the environment and improve will survive. This work encourages you to reflect on your competitors, create a strategy, and win over clients.

In business, as in nature, only those who know how to adapt to change survive

Friday: ‘Financing for Entrepreneurs´ 

When you take a step forward and decide to become an entrepreneur, funding is a very important factor. Economist Antonio Manzanera is aware of this, he explains how you can learn to find investors and attract the people that are interested in your project. It is clear that in this book of entrepreneurship you will be able to obtain solutions to the problem of investment, since without capital few startups become reality. Analyse these pages and learn how to manage investment and capital.

Saturday: ‘The Hero Plan’

When you start this piece of work by Daniel Vecino, you will discover how to come out victorious from the battle of the entrepreneurship. It is written like a game in which you as an entrepreneur learn the importance of adapting to changes which happen that you do not have control of. Totally recommendable as a bedside book for entrepreneurs.

?Sunday: ‘The 7 habits of Highly Effective People´

Finally, among the best books of entrepreneurship is this work of Stephen Covey, by means of which you will learn 32 principles to apply to your work in order to achieve an increase in efficiency and productivity. The interesting thing about this book is that it adapts to any profession and business idea, since the advice it offers is applicable to any area.After reading this guide, you know what to do: Run to your nearest bookstore or library and get ready for your business idea to succeed. ¡Don´t let anything stop you!

Reading does not give a man wisdom; it gives him knowledge”.

William Somerset Maugham


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