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Business blogs are online manuals where you can find lots of information about business sector. It is important that businessmen know what is said on these spaces as they are direct sources of information which are very updated when it comes to business trends.

 “A business blog offers useful information about the sector and the latest trends”

Cyberspace is full of business blogs but not all of them have quality content and last minute information. So, in order to help you to find your favourite ones, we have made a list with those we consider the best 30 nowadays:

Get to know the list with the TOP 30 #business blogs nowadays

 The 30 best business blogs

1. Blog de Laura Rivas: On Laura Rivas blog, founder of the Institute of Entrepreneurial Growth, you will find tips for businessmen who want to succeed in their businesses.

2. Blog de Jordi Sánchez: This entrepreneur and flexiworker talks about his work experience and gives advice to anybody searching for a successful career.

3. 1000 ideas de negocios: Edwin Amaya, a writer and lecturer who is passionate about sales, writes about practical guides and business advice for entrepreneurs and businessmen.

4. Nuria Vilanova’s Blog: It is Nuria Villanova’s personal blog, a successful entrepreneur and Inforpress (currently ATREVIA) founder, where she writes about communication and leadership in companies.

5. Infoautónomos: It is part of El Economista and you can read about business, entrepreneurs and everything relatend to companies: tips, taxation, Internet, etc.

6. Wilhelm Lappe`s Blog: On his blog, the author posts a weekly agenda with the events about business, entrepreneurship, new technologies, startups and much more.

7. StartupXplore: A space where you can find quality content oriented to investors and startups.

8. El economista: You will be able to read content about business (tips, rankings, real cases), stock market, technology, marketing, etc.

9. Business and Entrepreneurship: A complete and practical blog about business and entrepreneurship. It gives advice, business ideas, tools, practical guides and much more.

10. Tiempo de negocios: It is Pau Llambí’s personal blog, where he talks about practical tips in marketing for on-line businesses and startups.

11. Economipedia: This interesting site brings business sector closer to any kind of users thanks to posts written for all audiences,but also with very qualified and updated information.

12. Martín Varsavsky’s blog: It is a blog in which the author talks about different topics such as those oriented to entrepreneurs, 2.0 web, technology, new business ideas, etc.

13. José Facchin: Here you can find quality content about online marketing.

14. Crear mi empresa: Antoine Kerfant writes about business ideas and tips for entrepreneurs on his blog.

15. Bloguismo: You can read about entrepreneurship, online business, e-commerce and many more subjects on this blog.

16. Social Lancer: If you want to know the latest trends on e-commerce, this is the blog you should visit.

17. Marketing de guerrilla: This is a blog where its author, Carlos Bravo, writes about marketing, online businesses, strategy and many more topics of 2.0 world.

18. El Blog de Carlos Blanco: As a Businessman and business angel, Carlos Blanco talks about entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, business on the internet and much more.

19. Emprender con alma: This blog takes on different topics about entrepreneurship online marketing, business, business models, legaltity.

20. Sintetia: There is a wide range of topics on this blog, but it mostly focus on business strategies and tips for success and productivity.

21. Más que negocio: This blog talks about startups, entrepreneurship, business, ecommerce, etc.

22. Pymes y autónomos: You will be able to read content about SMEs and self-employed people as well as tips and news in business world.

23. Blog y Lana: This blog, created by Sonia Sánchez-Escuer, is focused on online business and talks about entrepreneurship, startups, productivity technology, online marketing and ecommerce.

24. El Blog Salmón: It is a journal dedicated to the current state of business world where several experts in the sectos analyze the latest news and trends.

25. Social Media y contenidos: On this blog, Ernesto del Valle writes high-quality content about 2.0 web., Social Media and digital marketing.

26. Ideoblogía: On this blog, you will learn about online strategy for businesses, mainly in retail sector.

27. Blog de Antoni Flores: Antoni Flores talks about business models on this blog.

28. Recursos para pymes: Here you will be able to read about resources and advice for SMEs..

29. Blog de David Cantone: It is a blog about business and online marketing for nonconformist people. If you are one of those, you should add this blog to your list.

30. Tu Business Coach: This is a blog where you can read posts about tips and resources for entrepreneurs.

“To succeed in business, to reach the top, an individual must know all it is possible to know about that business.”

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