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We are about to welcome 2020 and leave behind a very positive year in terms of business creation and development. Such is this, that many startups created in 2019 have placed Spain as a country where innovation and technology are at their most key point.

We reveal the 5 best startups of 2019, where technology is a prominent factor for your business idea. Open your mind to the future!

2019, the year of technological startups


1. Coinscrap: saving is in your hand

Using the claim: “do you know that you can save by spending?” The startup Coinscrap invites the user to download its application to carry out a control of his pocket money. Its creator, David Conde, had been working in the world of finance when he decided to launch Coinscrap.

A “revolution on personal savings” with galician origins and which is targetting mainly to millennials. Why? Because of its mechanism of use. It is an application that rounds off the purchases you make daily and automatically transfers it to a different savings product, such as a savings account.

2. Fintup: small investors doing bigger things

Staying in the financial world, we find Fintup, a Spanish startup that was born in 2018 and which is dedicated to financial advice. In order to do this, it uses innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence or big data to offer a personalized service.

Are you looking for a financial advisor? If so, with Fintup you will find the portfolio best matching to your investor profile. It accompanies you all throughout the process, so that you can be sure that every step you take is the most appropriate.

3. CO2 Revolution: smart seeds for a future with fresh air

When technology and the fight against climate change come together, projects like CO2Revolution are born. Its founder, Juan Carlos Sesma, analyzed the main causes of climate change and concluded that, through large-scale creation of complete ecosystems, there are ways to fight against it.

CO2Revolution has created the first intelligent pre-germinated seed and planted with the help of drones in areas of difficult access. Thanks to them, it could save time and money, as it speeds up reforestation processes 1000% more than the traditional method.

4. Alén Space: paving the way for the unknown

From the Earth with CO2Revolution, to the space with Alén Space. This startup, of galician origin, sells nanosatellites to take the Spain Brand to the space.

Behind a team of highly qualified and experienced engineers, Alén Space offers companies and startups the possibility of developing their business out in the space thanks to the manufacture and operation of small satellites applicable to the demand of the contracting company.

5. Alias ​​Robotics: cybersecurity for the future

The robots will no longer rule the world thanks to Alias ​​Robotic. A startup from Vitoria dedicated to industrial robotic cybersecurity. The company is already known worldwide and not only because its CEO, David Mayoral, has been included in the Forbes list as one of the 30 most innovative young people with less than 30 years. Also because Alias ​​Robotic has developed an innovative robotic product that allows analyzing the behaviour of industrial robots. Therefore, your project can be used in many sectors such as automobile, health, consumption, etc.

Business world pushes forward thanks to innovation and technology, influencing on the promotion of new ways of working. Jobs where flexibility and work spaces are more dynamic and become the main actors of this new paradigm. Therefore, if you are looking for a co-working or private office service that allows you to offer an answer to your needs, discover our services and follow your path to the future!


“The entrepreneur is always looking for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity”

Peter F. Drucker


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