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¿Where are you? Asked Jaime Urrutia – Spanish rock artist – to his lover in one of his most famous songs, the rock ballad “Dónde estás”. What Urrutia didn’t know is that had it been for geolocation his song wouldn´t have made much sense.Before we start this road trip destined for efficient management of human resources within companies. We decided that we would make our first pit stop to look at the formal definition of business geolocation. Let’s hit the road!

¿What is geolocation for businesses?

The term “geolocation” has formed part of our world for many years, according to Google Trends – a search tool for the most popular words on the internet – since 2004. You could say that it all started when Google Maps began to make the life of users much easier. Mainly for those that don´t have much sense of direction.Geolocation refers to the situation of an object in a specific place, such as smartphones, radars or any electronic device with an internet connection. ¿How does geolocation work? Through a system (software y hardware) such as GPS, which allow triangulation using satellites and provides your exact location on map.

When we talk about business geolocation they usually hint at the possibility of showing the specific location of your business so that customers know exactly where you and they are, but in addition, geolocation in a company has more benefits. Keep scrolling to find out!

Where are you and business geolocation?

On the one hand, as we have mentioned before, geolocation is mainly used to make it easier for customers to know the exactly where your company is located. The use of geolocation applied to a specific area such as marketing, allows to you to carry out more segmented campaigns, selecting the target market that you’re looking to capture and offering them a product or information that interests them based on where they live.Geolocation can also be applied to areas such as the transport sector. An example is the new resources that people who use public transport have in their city. Thanks to geolocation, you know when a bus/train/taxi will pass by, saving waiting time. Another example is courier services, which can show the exact location of a package, and can provide much more accurate tracking.

Geolocation allows processes to become more automated and can also change the way you´re hired by companies by creating more flexible jobs within fields.

Geolocation allows much more automated processes

Benefits of using geolocation in companies

1. Security

Through the use of geolocation in companies it is possible to know what is happening in the office when the last person turns off lights at the end of the week, offering security and comfort. Also, thanks to RFID Technology – Radio Frequency Identification – we can keep track of the people who attend events and avoid overcrowding problems.

2. Labour Productivity

Yes its true, thanks to geolocation companies can improve productivity, how? Because through its use we can keep track of entrance and exit times of employees. In fact, since May 2019, it is mandatory by law that companies manage their employees’ working hours. In addition, it can also be applied to control the load of tasks given to employees, for example, in the case of a transport company, thanks to geolocation it is possible to know and quantify the kilometres that an employee does, thus avoiding excessive work.

3. Interesting Content

The application of geolocation in companies is an added value that favours both external and internal management. Large companies or multinationals, with good communication management can offer their employees the information they need based on their location.

The application of geolocation in companies is an added value that favours both external and internal management.”

It also allows you to focus more effectively the content that is directed to the external public, improving user experience through automatic translation of web page language (depending on the place where it is viewed), as well as segmenting advertising to geolocated niches.You have arrived at your destination, but before finishing the journey we will give you a summary of the route we´ve taken to get you to the benefits of geolocation for businesses. It is important to highlight that the application of geolocation is an opportunity offered by new technologies and that benefits HR management. This is just beginning and little by little, the map of geolocation will be expanded, reaching all corners of companies.

“One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things”

Henry Miller


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