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Plan and guide the projects of your company with the Agile Management technique. What does it consist of? The Agile Management of projects was born with the objective of improving the work processes of internal projects of the companies, as well as to coordinate the work of the teams and to assign tasks in a faster and efficient form.

The Agile Management technique allows to coordinate the work of the teams and to assign tasks in a faster and efficient form

In addition, it is a perfect technique for those companies that require flexibility and adaptability to change and / or have to carry out urgent or complex projects.

What Agile Management methodology does your company need…?

> Lean

Although this method is very typical from startups, there are also SMEs and large companies that apply it as a market strategy and as a process improvement method. How? The Lean methodology consists in launching a ‘test ‘ of the products or services to know what is their reception in the market. And, after knowing the feedback, they work in order to adapt them to their demands.

> Scrum

The Scrum methodology, which encourages teamwork, allows the handling of complex projects developed in dynamic and changing environments and in a flexible way. For this reason, it requires a constant inspection, to see what is failing in the process and to act in time to adapt to those changes.

In addition, it represents a perfect methodology for those environments that demand speed in the results and in which the flexibility is an indispensable requirement.

> Kanban       

This methodology is represented by a board of cards divided into columns indicating the work status in which a project or task is located.

These cards describe the task to be done, the estimated time to do it, and the name of the responsible employee to carry it out. And, most importantly, you cannot overlap, that is: until you complete a task (card) you cannot move on to work on the next one.

> Gantt diagram

It is a very effective tool for planning projects and tasks effectively and is represented with a horizontal bar graph sorted by specific activities and time sequences. Its objective? It allows to expose the expected dedication time for different tasks over a given total time.

Business Tip:

If you need a professional to manage certain projects with or without Agile Management methodologies, because the management department of your company cannot develop it because of its small structure, you can consider hiring an Interim Manager. Find out who is this professional and what are their roles in the post about “Interim Management: what it is and what rol it develops

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