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It is usual for an organization to work by projects in order to achieve business objectives by the teams, in which each member assumes a responsibility that must be carried out daily. Therefore, to guide and plan the projects of your company it is advisable to use some agile management methodology that allows you to assign tasks quickly and efficiently. In this post, we explain in depth a specific method, the Gantt method, to coordinate teams and take your projects forward.

The Gantt Chart method allows a high degree of knowledge of the processes that make up the business project

What is the Gantt Chart?

The Gantt Chart method is a tool that allows the graphic representation of a specific project, divided into tasks and activities in a specific order. Therefore, it allows in a visual way the activities of the project and the time planned to carry out its development. It is a very efficient resource when managing business action plans, as each member can keep track of their work, indicating the beginning, end and duration of the activity.The Gantt Chart method is a table consisting of a left vertical axis, which represents the tasks that will be carried out during the project, and a higher horizontal axis, which reflects the expected time for the development of each of them.

What is Gantt Chart method used for?

If your goal is to achieve business success, the Gantt Diagram method is a good option to achieve this as it facilitates the management of complicated projects and generates positive results. We show you the advantages that you will obtain in your company, if you decide to apply this methodology, in your action plan:

Global vision of the project:

The Gantt Chart method reflects the set of tasks that make up for the project, as well as its duration. Therefore, it allows to have a global vision of the action plan and the information to know at all times the state of it. It helps to make decisions that will impact globally and detect possible deviations in the process

Simple development:

It allows to plan projects easily, and does not require prior knowledge of project management.

Realistic delivery deadlines:

The horizontal axis of the Gantt Chart method indicates when the task will be completed, acquiring an adequate time perspective to reach the fulfillment of the established objectives

Reduce stress:

Showing in a graphic the planning of the tasks makes that all the people involved are aware of the process so they can fulfill the deadlines.

Show the creator’s knowledge:

A good design of a Gantt Chart method denotes professionalism and dedication of the project manager. It is perceived through the organization and objectives of the project.

How to make a Gantt Chart method?

For the effective development of a project, it is convenient to divide it into stages and smaller tasks that allow a more agile management and control of the process. Below, we reveal the basic guidelines for the development of a Gantt Chart method:

  • Define the tasks required by the project: This is the starting point where you must count the tasks necessary to carry out the project, in order of priority. It is important to avoid mistakes.
  • Duration of the tasks: you will have to consider how much time you will use for each task and thus obtain a global vision and an estimated duration of the process.
  • Establish the necessary resources: you will have to assign the resources that will be necessary to use in each task: economic, human and technical.
  • Distribution of tasks: In this phase, you must detail who will be responsible for each task and specify possible collaborations between departments.

For an adequate business plan it is necessary to establish good communication with the  teams, as well as having a global vision of the projects in order to control all the elements that influence their development. Therefore, the Gantt Chart method is the perfect management tool for any type of company, what are you waiting for to include it in yours?

” The best way to guarantee productivity and an adequate environment is cooperation between the administration and the workers ”H.L. Gant



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