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New year, new paradigm, new opportunities. Therefore, the best way to focus your business is walking towards the future. In Lexington, we want to help you by collecting these new business trends for this 2020. Be in touch with your customer, adapt and give them what they will be pursuing this new year.

On our way to success with 2020 business trends

Customers’ needs change as the world grows. Confronting the technologic revolution we are facing nowadays, new possibilities and facilities may be born.

Good ideas are not always enough if they don’t match with this market style, since it all responds to the growing social demands. Do you want to learn about the right path in which direction you want to focus your company?

Eco-friendly: respect nature’s call

Business commitment with the environment is very trendy.

For example, if your company specialises in the clothing industry, work your environmental responsibility and minimize any polluting emission. In essence, make people notice your company form an eco-friendly point of view; you are sure to succeed! The moment is now. Besides, it is not only helpful for your company, but also for the greater good of all.  It is indeed a win-win movement!

Prepaid cards: welcome comfort into your life!

The future is what we are living now, day after day. Also, even though technological advances may scare us a bit, they make the whole thing easier. Thus, as demanding costumers as we have become in this increasingly globalized, massified and connected world, we expect easy, don’t we?

Prepaid cards are key to easiness, because you can get it through an app on your phone, no travelling needed, and you can use them to pay more safely on the Internet. What more can one wish for?

Home Delivery: knock knock! Who’s there?

There is nothing new on home delivery, but it will be trendy this 2020 on the business sector. Customers are hardly at home, and when they arrive at night, they surely do not feel like going grocery shopping. We live in a rush, more and more every day, which makes this business model increasingly more claimed.

Technology up for auction! One dollar bid, now two, will ya’ give me two?

Neither auctions nor technology are current trends, but both of them together are a must! There you go, two business trends together.

On one hand, the auction area of activity has eased its process without losing its essence throughout technology. On the other hand, technology sold by auction is increasing now and it will continue to grow on the future. Going once, going twice, SOLD!

Loved pets: wolf, wow!

Pets are no longer just living with us, but they are a part of our family. This is why many enterprises have adopted this tendency, targeting this group of costumers, generating requirements those pets’ fans will love!

Our furry- friends should not lack of anything: toys, food, clothes, technology… of course, right at your door!

Certainly, these business trends are to be a real success, what will result in many companies coming on board with them, answering new market demands every day. If those business trends of 2019 were essential for your company, 2020 one do not lag behind at all! Apply them, work with them and welcome success into your company!

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

Michael John Bobak


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