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Having a brilliant idea and knowing how to make it real is the key to succeed in business. There are people who let their imagination run free and come up with successful products or services. Thus, it is essential to stimulate creativity to generate surprising business ideas which raise the public’s interest. The main handicap is that imagination is not always there when you need it. Moreover, there are studies which show that creativity awakes at night. Because of this, we offer you these 6 technics to stimulate your team’s creativity during the working hours.


This technic is very easy to be carried out in order to stimulate creativity in your business. You can do it on your own or with your team. It consists of writing down all the words that come up to our minds that are related to the subject to be developed. It does not matter if the words are related direct or indirectly, as once brainstorming has finished, you have to focus on connectic them.During brainstorming, you should not judge the ideas of the team (although they do not make sense) and it is interesting to look forward and to go into greater depth about those related to the main subject.Once brainstorming finishes, close the umbrella with all the mentioned words and sentences. It is time to bring all the concepts together, analyze them and choose those more likely to lead you to a successful point.


It is a fact that everything related to Walt Disney is a complete success. Because of this, the method promoted by Robert Dils, an expert in neuro-linguistic programming is a good option to boost creativity in your company. This methodology consists in 3 thoughts: The dreamer, the realistic and the critical. This way, the initial ideal is analyzed separately in each of the phases so that the one which goes through the three filters is the one which will set the stage for our new product or service.Walt Disney technic purpose is trying to think about a concept from 3 different points of view, so that reality and criticism do not let dreams fade.


This technic invented by the psychologist Edward de Bono tries to see the human mind working by creating a metaphor with 6 hats which are useful to see the reality from a different point of view. So, every hat has a different color and the ideas are evaluated from every position.

Edward de Bono cares about human mind working by creating a metaphor with 6 hats

In business world, this technic is used to generate creative ideas. Every concept has to go through the white hat filter, where you have to think about the starting point. After that, using the yellow hat, you have to analyze its advantages. On the opposite, we have the black hat, whose purpose is evaluating the disadvantages in order to improve them. To do that, it is necessary to stop by the green hat, which makes us thing about the different options.However, you should not forget about the emotional part every business has, that is why the red hat exists, to enable you to evaluate the feelings  produced by your idea. Finally, the blue hat appears to put all this in order, to control everything and to determine the steps to take to reach success.


This methodology, invented by Bernd Rohrbach, is one of the most useful ones to get a great number of ideas in a short time. So, if you need your team to be efficient and to spend the least time on thinking about successful ideas, this is your method. The only disadvantage is that it is made for 6 people, who must share 3 different ideas every five minutes. The process must be repeated for half an hour and the aim is not stopping writing thoughts, wherever their quality is.You boost teamwork using this technic and you learn to develop ideas regardless of the excuses of your partners. The key is getting everyone working at the same time and under pressure to be on time. All the team rows towards the same direction and they have the common objective of coming up with the best idea.


One of the greatest genius ever, Leonardo Da Vinci, also left a legacy to come up with good business ideas. Da Vinci focused on concentration to wander away from work during 10 minutes. From that moment, the key is to draw whatever comes to your mind while you are thinking about your company, project or sector.

Once you have finished drawing everything, you have to take your time to analyze the reason of every drawing. It is interesting to try to find connections between the drawings in order to express what words cannot. This methodolody is interesting for those who find complicated to transmit an idea. So if you are sparing with words, this method will be useful to develop your idea.


Finally, but not less useful, if you want to come up with a successful business idea, you can use the method developed by the French poet and playwright Jean- Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière. This method is also known as “the clean eyes method” and it consist of inviting several people who are not related to the project to offer their own opinion and provide new nuances. This way, you can have a fresh point of view and the external opinion is not influenced by the background.So, you already have 6 different methods to come up with brilliant business ideas. Use them and exploit your and your team’s creativity to get great results. Additionally, remember that the place where these ideas are developed is essential. That is why in Lexington we provide the companies with our workspaces trying to make your team creativity easier.

“Creativity is just connecting things”.

Steve Jobs



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